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You may have noticed (if you read my blog daily) that I didn’t post over the weekend. But, I didn’t post for a very good reason. It was my (woohoo!) birthday on the 28. My 4 closest friends and I had a girls only weekend at the beach in Watch Hill Rhode Island. But, to make this post more beauty related I decided to tell you about my experience with waves.

Jump in! Get wet!

Jump in! Get wet!

When I say waves I don’t mean the water kind, I mean the hair kind. When your swimming around in the ocean, you’re mostly thinking about if your bikini will fall off, not about your hair. But I was thinking about both. And in my head I was wondering, how am I going to get fabulous beach waves? I know that I have already written a post called, how to get perfect beach waves, but that post only tells you how to make them before you’re in the water, not after. So in this post, I’m going to tell you how to save your waves.

First, make your hair into a tight bun before you go into the water. This will keep your hair from getting soaked. That may sound crazy, but if you only go for a light swim, the middle of your bun won’t get wet. (This step is optional, but helpful) once you get out of the water, brush out your hair, but don’t use any conditioner. This will keep your hair light and bouncy, as beach waves should always be. Then simply tuck your hair behind your ears and let it do it’s own thing until dry. By tucking it behind your ears you will give it a little bit of shape, without looking too put together. The sun and wind and you moving will naturally tousle the rest of your into a wavy (but awesome) mess.

So jump in the ocean and have fun, because afterwards you know how to always make the perfect beach waves.

Comment!                                                                                                                                                                                                             How was your weekend? Rainy, beachy? Or, how to you get (and keep) your beach waves? Tell!


Summer is like a face peel for your hair. Not fun. The heat and sun makes hair dry and

The slick look is hotter then hot. To make it even hotter twist a peice of hair aroung the base of the ponytail (like shown in this picture) and pin.

The slick look is hotter then hot. To make it even hotter twist a piece of hair around the base of the ponytail (like shown in this picture) and pin.

brittle. And you want to wear cute hair styles but when you do your hair turns into a disaster after words. So how can you look cute and have healthy hair? You make a slick backed ponytail.

The ponytail is extra good for your hair because you slick it back with conditioner. Just like the heat makes your hair dry, if you add conditioner it makes your hair healthy. The heat bakes in the conditioner, so when you leave it in you hair in the hot sun, it ‘bakes’ it into your hair.

To make it put a little bit of deep, heavy conditioner in your hair and then make a tight ponytail. Now, put a little conditioner in your hands and rub your hands together. Now, run your hands over your hair to slick it back a little more. Top it off with a fabulous headband and (bam!) you have a cute and good-for-your-hair hairstyle.

Have you ever had one of those days when you went to bed too late (Hello late night partier!) and couldn’t wake up in the morning so you had to rush out of the house and try you very best to get to work before 9:00? If you have then you know that on those days your hair isn’t the top priority. So were I’m I going with this? Well I have discovered the perfect 5 second look that will have you work worthy in well, 5 seconds. It’s called (bum, bum, bum!) the pony tail. It may seem childish and adolescent, but there are a few things you can do to make it mature and chic.

  • Take the hair from the front of your face (bangs included), and tease it back for a second. Then tie itback so it is on the back of you head. Then make a regular pony tail. This will give a raised look in the front that instantly makes the pony tail more mature.
See the bumped front? Now that doesnt make you think middle school at all.

See the bumped front? Now that doesn't make you think middle school at all.

  • The next thing you can do to mature a ponytail is wrap a piece of hair around the base. To do this take a piece of hair when you make your pony tail and leave it out of the ponytail. Then wrap that piece of hair around the ponytails base and pin. This look is classic and flirty at the same time.
This ponytail has hair wrabbed around the base, and is totally cute!

This ponytail has hair wrapped around the base, and is totally cute!

  • The last look you can do with your pony tail is the side over pony. This look has been all over Holly Wood on stars including the one below.
T.V. star Ugly Betty looks cute and mature in this low side ponytail.

T.V. star 'Ugly Betty' looks cute and mature in this low side ponytail.

So, now do you believe that the ponytail isn’t just for middle schoolers? I thought so.

Are you in love with these ponytails or do you like another ponytail better? Tell us! Who knows you might end up with a post dedicated to you!

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