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I obsess over my hair. I want it to work with my outfit, my makeup, for night, day, just everything. But what I don’t want is the hours it takes to style my hair, with all the curling, straitening, and blow drying. Not to mention how dry my hair gets when I do all that. I just want and easy hair style that where I can air dry my hair, and not use a ton of my time. What could that be? Try a tight ponytail.

I love this look, and apparently so does beyonce!

I love this look, and apparently so does beyonce!


For day try it extra tight, use a spray to tame fly aways. This look is perfect with a little blush and mascara.


For night this look is perfect because it allows you to go crazy with the makeup because your hair is so simple. Make the ponytail a little loose and skip the spray because messy is good.

So have fabulous hair, without spending hours.


Doesn’t that sound cool? I found this video on YouTube the other day, and thought it was too cool not to show here. Plus no heat involved! And we all know that it’s good to give your hair a break.

To see more videos by her, click here!

Big beautiful hair, it’s what every woman wants. But sometimes it can be hard to get. With blow drying, special shampoos and conditioners, and teasing, you can end up spending more time and money then it’s worth. So how can you get fabulous volume without the not so fabulous price? A half part.

Yes you heard me right, a half part. Not a side part, not a middle part, a half part. Now before you go search the the web for something else because you think I’m speaking gibberish, let me explain. A half part is say like 1 inch of a middle part, and then you backcomb the rest. See, I’ve not gone crazy yet!

Penelope Cruz is rocking a half part!

Penelope Cruz is rocking a half part!

If you want the half part to work well, make sure your hair is clean and dry before you make a half part.

So  bring on the volume, because now you have the trick on how to make it.

Summer is like a face peel for your hair. Not fun. The heat and sun makes hair dry and

The slick look is hotter then hot. To make it even hotter twist a peice of hair aroung the base of the ponytail (like shown in this picture) and pin.

The slick look is hotter then hot. To make it even hotter twist a piece of hair around the base of the ponytail (like shown in this picture) and pin.

brittle. And you want to wear cute hair styles but when you do your hair turns into a disaster after words. So how can you look cute and have healthy hair? You make a slick backed ponytail.

The ponytail is extra good for your hair because you slick it back with conditioner. Just like the heat makes your hair dry, if you add conditioner it makes your hair healthy. The heat bakes in the conditioner, so when you leave it in you hair in the hot sun, it ‘bakes’ it into your hair.

To make it put a little bit of deep, heavy conditioner in your hair and then make a tight ponytail. Now, put a little conditioner in your hands and rub your hands together. Now, run your hands over your hair to slick it back a little more. Top it off with a fabulous headband and (bam!) you have a cute and good-for-your-hair hairstyle.

Have you ever had one of those days when you went to bed too late (Hello late night partier!) and couldn’t wake up in the morning so you had to rush out of the house and try you very best to get to work before 9:00? If you have then you know that on those days your hair isn’t the top priority. So were I’m I going with this? Well I have discovered the perfect 5 second look that will have you work worthy in well, 5 seconds. It’s called (bum, bum, bum!) the pony tail. It may seem childish and adolescent, but there are a few things you can do to make it mature and chic.

  • Take the hair from the front of your face (bangs included), and tease it back for a second. Then tie itback so it is on the back of you head. Then make a regular pony tail. This will give a raised look in the front that instantly makes the pony tail more mature.
See the bumped front? Now that doesnt make you think middle school at all.

See the bumped front? Now that doesn't make you think middle school at all.

  • The next thing you can do to mature a ponytail is wrap a piece of hair around the base. To do this take a piece of hair when you make your pony tail and leave it out of the ponytail. Then wrap that piece of hair around the ponytails base and pin. This look is classic and flirty at the same time.
This ponytail has hair wrabbed around the base, and is totally cute!

This ponytail has hair wrapped around the base, and is totally cute!

  • The last look you can do with your pony tail is the side over pony. This look has been all over Holly Wood on stars including the one below.
T.V. star Ugly Betty looks cute and mature in this low side ponytail.

T.V. star 'Ugly Betty' looks cute and mature in this low side ponytail.

So, now do you believe that the ponytail isn’t just for middle schoolers? I thought so.

Are you in love with these ponytails or do you like another ponytail better? Tell us! Who knows you might end up with a post dedicated to you!

Do you love to straighten your hair? I know I do! But could straightening your hair lead to breaking? And I’m talking about (gulp!) big chunks, not just split ends here. (Straightening addicts look away!) yes. But there is hope, don’t throw away your straight iron yet! You can straighten your hair without losing it, but you have to be careful.

Following the tips below will make your hair, healthy, shiny, soft, and most importantly, break free. First of all, don’t straighten (or curl) your hair everyday, the messy look is in, use it to your advantage. Also you should use nourishing conditioners and shampoos, like my favorite, Herbal Essence Hydralicious self targeting condition and shampoo. And even though it sounds kind of gross, don’t shower once a week. If you shower everyday you can strip your hair of essential oils, making it dry, brittle, and giving it a higher chance of breaking.

Lastly, periodically before you take a shower, take some olive oil from the kitchen, rub it between your hands and coat your hair, leave it in for ten minutes and wash thoroughly (it’s like a spa treatment for your hair, without the spa price!) If you follow those tips it will keep your hair strong, straight, and wonderfully attached.

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