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I love makeup, but lately I have been drawing a blank on were to buy it. I mean Sephora is awesome, but the prices… not so much. And I love just stopping at CVS but the choices aren’t always top quality. So, help a girl out and tell me, where do you buy your makeup?

Or the nicer, more expensive specialty store makeup?

Or the nicer, more expensive specialty store makeup?

Should I buy the cheaper, lower quaility drugstore makeup?

Should I buy the cheaper, lower quaility drugstore makeup?

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Now a nice story.
I was walking out of Dunkin’ Donuts (I’m like addicted to their coffee) and my hands were full and all of a sudden a lady walks up and opens the door for me. There was another door that you had to open before you could leave Dunkin’ Donuts and I ran a head of here and opened the door for her! It was the sweetest random act of kindness that we (me and the lady) both contributed to, and I shall remember  it for the rest of my life.
Do you have a nice story? You can leave a comment saying it to me, or to, or both! I would liketo give credit to because after all, it was their idea.

Here’s a Half  Baked! So I know that I’ve already posted about nail polish, but today I was painting my nails and I kind of “re-discovered’ a well known tip that I’d like to reinforce is always apply a base coat! My new twist on the tip is that when ever you paint your nails your painting routine should look like this,

  1. clear base coat
  2. nail polish
  3. clear base coat
  4. nail polish
  5. details (spots, flowers, ect.) or nail polish
  6. base coat/top coat.

Why this new base coat crazyness? By applying a base coat you  basically make your nails mistake proof. When you apply a base coat you make it so that if you mess up on the coat above it you can just wipe it off. This 6 steps routine will keep your nails ba, ba, boom, fabulous.

Half  Bakeds are the new posts on my blog that you could kind of compare to fast facts. They are short, fun facts that will help you out, whether it’s with fashion, makeup, or weight. I will still post long posts but Half Bakeds will be more frequently. So it’s basicly it’s a lazy (who isn’t, truly?) version of  a post.  Stay tuned because a Half  Baked is coming up!

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