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Hey everyone. In case people still check in on this blog, it’s over with. I’m done with it.

I was 10 years old when I started this blog. A 5th grader. A lot of people took fashion and makeup advice form a fifth grader.

Over 80,000 people read this blog (and probably took my advice) and I wrote this between the ages of 10 and 11.

Anythings possible.

Oh, please check out my new blog, It’s like a better version of this.


YAY! Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it was 70 degrees out yesterday! But before you go out to buy your new spring clothes, you should probably check out these new spring staples.

The gladitor sandle-

Gladitor sandle = HOT. Metalics = HOT. Metalics and Gladitor sandles = SMOLDERING!

This sandle will upgrade your winter look into the perfect spring outfit. It’s easy to drop $1oo+ on these adorable sandles but try places like payless and forever21 first, since they have some very cute shoes. This gorgeos sandle is $22.99 at

The cross shoulder bag-

Cute and pratical! Clutches are adorable but who wants to carry around a clutch all the time? Cross shoulder bags give you all the awesomeness with more comfort. $34.99 at

The embrodered shirts-


 Feminin and sweet, even I just had to buy this top! $24.99 at

  Floral dress-

The detail on the bust makes it sexy, not frumpy.

To keep the florals fresh- not grandma-y- make the floral bright, not faded. $24.50 at

Woven Belts

Great for belting a cute spring short.

Belts can give an outfit that little but of extra, um how do I say this, ommf! $29.50 at

So spring into spring, without having to buy a whole new wardobe.

Hate when your applying mascara and then -whoops!- you slip and

Next time your applying mascara and get it on your skin, don't freak! It comes off in seconds once it's dry.

get mascara under your eye? Don’t rush to clean it up just yet, it turns out waiting a little bit can help.

When mascara is still wet trying to get it off your skin can just make it worse, it can smudge it everywhere! But once mascara is dry it becomes flacky and by just rubbing it with your sleeve (that’s what i dp for quick public fix-ups) it easly comes off.

So keep your skin mascara free, with this little tip.

Hello everyone! Just posting to wish you guys all happy holidays – and

Happy holidays!

tell you that I won’t be posting over the holidays! Well, good bye then!

Nicole Kidman seems to have had a little bit of a makeup malfunction recently…

Most of her looks great, I mean nice hair, nice earrings, there’s just one problem, crazy face powder! Looks like some makeup artist might be getting fired.

With 2010 coming you want to look fresh and ready for a new start. So say goodbye to last years smoky eyes and orange lips, and get ready for the new looks of the future!

Strong brows.

This picture shows strong brows perfectly, and it even shows metallic eyes too!

Over plucked brows are just so blah! The look now? Think and framing.  To get perfect brows take a pencil and line it up with were your eyes stop, that is were your brow should end. Then look straight forward and line a pencil up to the end of your pupil, that is were your brow should curve. After that just fade out to a tip. Always remember to only pick stray hairs on the bottom of your brow, never the top.

Metallic eyes.

You don't have to make your metallic eyes this crazy to have them be fabulous.

The cutest new look for eyes right now is all in the metal. If you have darker skin choose a  deep gold or copper, but if you have a lighter skin tone go for silver or light  gold. One look that I like to use is a light silver on my lids and a deep gold on my crease. It makes my eyes pop!

Plum lips.

Plum lips are just oh so glamorous!

Say goodbye to boring nude and pink lips, because plum is the new thing. It’s so surprising and flattering that it will turn heads (don’t worry, I mean in a good way!). If your afraid to try it out wear it to a party first. After you see everyone’s reactions you can decide if you want to wear your purple lipstick again, or not.

Bronzed cheeks.

Rihanna looks healthy, and beautiful with her bronzed cheeks.

Bronzed, sun-kissed cheeks are all the rage with winter. Choose a shimmery one 2 shades darker then your natural skin tone to keep from looking like a clown. To apply it right sweep it up from the side of your nose up to the sides of your cheek bones.

So look absolutely stunning this new year, with these fabulous new looks.

Shine sprays are great because they can make your hair wonderfully

This is the best shine spray I have ever in my life used.

shiny. But they can also be a pain because when they don’t make your hair shiny, they make it greasy. When I saw a commercial for Ice products by Pantene I knew I just had to try this one.

Normally when I put on shine spray I put a pea sized drop on my finger and use that on my whole head. What I love about this spray is that I can spray it all over my head and not have greasy or weighed down hair. Another thing I love about this shine spray is how nice it makes my hair smell! The one problem that there is with this spray is that it can make hair a little chunky if you don’t brush your hair out after you use it.


  • Smells great.
  • Gives great shine.
  • Makes hair soft and tangle free.
  • Isn’t greasy.


  • Can make hair a little dry at the ends.

All in all I’d give this shine spray 5 out of 5 stars.


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