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Blackheads. Icky, yucky, hard to get rid of blackheads. I’ve been battling these little buggers for years now,

I love baking soda. It cleans pools,it cleans clothes,  helps you cook, and it makes blackheads dissaper.

I love baking soda. It cleans pools, it cleans clothes, helps you cook, and it makes blackheads disappear.

and up until now I’ve lost. No matter what I did they were always there, waiting for me to find away to destroy them and now I have (sorry for the drama, but I hate blackheads). And the funny thing is, it all started by accident.

I’ll start at the beginning. I had been taking a walk with friends and, being my normal clumsy had managed to bump my face into a (now don’t laugh!) poison oak tree. After going through days of itchy, red madness I looked up a homemade remedy to fix it, baking soda (with a bit of water). It worked and soon my poison oak was gone… and so were my blackheads. And since that day I have always used baking soda to clear up my blackheads, and since that day, I have never had one.

So get clear skin fast with… baking soda.


Have you ever woken up on the day of a big event with a (bam!) hu-uge pimple on your face? If you have you

Ever woken up in the morning with a pimple like this? Well now you have backup.

Ever woken up in the morning with a pimple like this? Well now you have backup.

know what our routine is like, first you run around screaming, then you try to pop it, then you make it worse, then you go through a breakdown. I’m here to to take all the steps out and add in one of my own: make the pimple go away. But if you’re like me, you don’t always have a fancy-pantsy zit-zapper on hand and calling your derm for an expensive pimple zapping sessions is not the most attractive idea, so instead make your own! Read below for some homemade zit-zapping remedies

  • Honey scrub. It is a perfect way to rub out those nasty black heads and is cheap enough and easy enough on your skin, to do daily. Just scoop out the desired amount of honey and then put in the desired amount of sugar (I suggest 2 teaspoons), and rub on your face. You can even leave it on as honey mask, it gets rid of pimples and softens your skin.
  • Lemon. Lemon is good for drying out big pop-able pimples. The citric acid dries out pimples fast and is practically invisible, so you can put it on before work and no one will know!
  • I also have just discovered a new pimple-zapper, it’s called, ‘Baking soda’! Mix it with water, (but only like two drops, any more and it gets too watery) , and apply to zits.  Put it on when you first notice a pimple, that way it’s pimple stopping power will be full force. If you want to know what it really does, it dries out your zits. And there’s an added bonus, it gets rid or poison ivy!

So whip up a batch of fresh pimple-be-gone and be confident, sexy, and pimple free.

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