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Ahhhhhhh, the holidays.  Candy, cookies, parties, and fabulous hair do’s. But sometimes fabulous hair do’s can be hard to pull off. I mean have you ever spent an hour on some fancy braided hair do only to find that it’s completely not right? I have. So here’s a simple hair do, that is still graceful, without being crazy.

  1. Make a part down the center of your head, then take 1 small section of hair from each side.
  2. Twist the sections of hair together.
  3. Now take a  smaller section of hair from 1 side and wrap that around the twisted “rope” of hair you have.
  4. Take another small section from the other side of your hair and wrap it aroung the “rope”.
  5. Secure with an elastic arounf the middle of the rope, so you can see the twisted strands.

So be graceful and not go crazy, with this easy holiday hairstyle.


Everyone loves to sleep in, but sometimes that can lead to not so fabulous hair. And it takes forever do straighten your

Your bun should look a little like this, except less perfect.

hair, which means waking up early, which means not so fabulous baggy under eyes. So how can you have a fresh face and fabulous hair? Yes, with this quick updo.

Take your hair and put it up into a high messy ponytail with an elastic. Then twist the hair into a bun (take the hair and twist around your hand till its tight) and secure with another elastic. Using your hand pull on the bun till it’s loose and floppy, and if stray hair sticks out from it, that’s fine, they’re supposed to be there. Next… wait, there is no next, your done! Wow, that was fast!

So rock awesome hair, and get some shuteye, with this easy 2 minute updo.

I obsess over my hair. I want it to work with my outfit, my makeup, for night, day, just everything. But what I don’t want is the hours it takes to style my hair, with all the curling, straitening, and blow drying. Not to mention how dry my hair gets when I do all that. I just want and easy hair style that where I can air dry my hair, and not use a ton of my time. What could that be? Try a tight ponytail.

I love this look, and apparently so does beyonce!

I love this look, and apparently so does beyonce!


For day try it extra tight, use a spray to tame fly aways. This look is perfect with a little blush and mascara.


For night this look is perfect because it allows you to go crazy with the makeup because your hair is so simple. Make the ponytail a little loose and skip the spray because messy is good.

So have fabulous hair, without spending hours.

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