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Here’s a half baked! Have you ever woken up in the morning to find that your hair has magically turned from gorgeous waves to a rat nest? If you have you know that it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world and I’m sure you would be happy to avoid it.  So how do you avoid it? You listen to me! Right before you go to bed, find two hair ties. Then make two braids. When you wake up the next morning brush the ends of your hair sticking out of your hair tie before taking out the braid. Brush out the braid and ta da, you have gone from braided to beautiful.

Try to make your braids loose like these.

Try to make your braids loose like these.

Your bun should look something like this from the front.

Your bun should look something like this from the front.

Now I know that there are a lot of cool up-dos out there but I think I have found the easiest and chicest look out there, and I’m here to share it with you. This hair style is perfect for working out at the gym (hey, you deserve to be cute all the the time!) or a fancy dinner, basically, this hair style is perfect for anything!

I call it, The Boho Bun.

Before I start a would like to say that this look is only if you can pull your hair back into a bun. Sorry short hair people, but don’t worry a post about short hair is coming soon.

Step one, take two pieces from either side of the front of your head. (in between your ears and your forehead.) Braid those two pieces into two braids and leave them, they will come in handy later.

Step two, gather your hair into a tight, high bun. Make sure the front is smoothed back by brushing it with long strokes as you make the bun.

Step three, take the two braids you made earlier and bring them over the top of your head. Wrap the two braids around the base of your bun and pin.

Ta da, you have a totally chic and easy hair-do!

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