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Hello again everybody! I’m here to tell you why I have been gone so long! I was on (whoo hoo!) vacation! “Where?” you may ask? Only in (brace

Hello again!

Hello again!

yourself!) the fabulous New York City! But alas, it is not as glamorous as it seems, for the only reason I was in New York was to help my grandfather find a retirement home. But I did have time for a little beauty shopping in one of my favorite stores, Sephora (you’ll hear more about that experience later). So turn that frown upside down, because I’m back!


Big beautiful hair, it’s what every woman wants. But sometimes it can be hard to get. With blow drying, special shampoos and conditioners, and teasing, you can end up spending more time and money then it’s worth. So how can you get fabulous volume without the not so fabulous price? A half part.

Yes you heard me right, a half part. Not a side part, not a middle part, a half part. Now before you go search the the web for something else because you think I’m speaking gibberish, let me explain. A half part is say like 1 inch of a middle part, and then you backcomb the rest. See, I’ve not gone crazy yet!

Penelope Cruz is rocking a half part!

Penelope Cruz is rocking a half part!

If you want the half part to work well, make sure your hair is clean and dry before you make a half part.

So  bring on the volume, because now you have the trick on how to make it.

Summer’s almost over (sadness!), and you know what that means? Jeans! Back to school jeans, my-old-jeans-

You dont need a gift card to save big at old navy now!

You don't need a gift card to save big at old navy now!

died jeans, or just a pair of fabulous new jeans to start the season. But you know what that also means? Lots of money being spent on jeans! Or does it…?

Right now at old navy you can get kids jeans for 10, and all adult jeans for $20 (whoo hoo!). Now these jeans aren’t designer, and the skinny jeans aren’t that skinny, but these jeans are sturdy and last practically forever. Plus if you have kids or even are a kid, you know that 10 dollar jeans are a great find, considering that some kids jeans can cost $50 or more.

So shop on my friends, because with prices like these, how can you afford not too?

I was in Sephora recently when a friend of mine pointed out a lipstick. It was labeled mango, and it was fabulous.

I know what you’re thinking “orange lips? You’ll look like you got freaky with a bag of Cheetos!” OK, maybe you guys aren’t thinking exactly that but you get the point. But orange this isn’t neon orange (or in other words Cheetos colored) it’s slightly pinkish, and more then slightly awesome.

I just absalutly love orange lipstick!

I just absolutely love orange lipstick!

See, orange lipstick isn’t so scary! But it’s not plain boring pink either. Worried you’ll look stupid wearing it? The trick to wearing orange lipstick right is to not pretend you’re not wearing it, or be totally aware and self conscience either. Wear it like you know you’re wearing it, and know you look good in it (even if you don’t think you do!).

So rock that orange lipstick, and watch the heads turn.

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Summer’s almost over! *sniff sniff* But that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading! Makeup fashion and me has

Fall is here, and we still are too!

Fall is here, and we still are too!

¬†all the advice you need to get you through the new school year, or to help make work less boring. Whether it’s what the new fall fashion is, what shorts are work appropreate, the hottest new makeup, or anything else has to offer, we have all you could possibly need. And if you do skip a subject you want to learn more about, just send me an email about what you want to know.

So keep asking, keep commenting, and most importantly, keep reading.

How to make a braided headband! I thought that it was a little too complicated to describe and because I was a little too lazy busy to make one myself I found this lovely lady’s video on youtube and decided to share.

Ta da, braided headband!

A bag with a mission, the mission to save your clothes.

A bag with a mission, the mission to save your clothes.

We’ve all been there, arrived at a destination and realised your makeup has spilled all overyour clothes. It sucks, and since when I go away I only pack my favorite clothes, I’v ruined some pretty fabulous items. But how to you fix this problem? Glad can help out.

Yes glad ziplock bags. Just stick your shampoo and conditioner in one bag, your foundation in another, and anything else you can fit. That way, if your makeup spill it only spills inside the bag, not on your clothes.

I know this is commen knowledge, but hey, some people might not know, and if you already did… tell me! Your comments are very much appreciated.

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