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Nicole Kidman seems to have had a little bit of a makeup malfunction recently…

Most of her looks great, I mean nice hair, nice earrings, there’s just one problem, crazy face powder! Looks like some makeup artist might be getting fired.


With 2010 coming you want to look fresh and ready for a new start. So say goodbye to last years smoky eyes and orange lips, and get ready for the new looks of the future!

Strong brows.

This picture shows strong brows perfectly, and it even shows metallic eyes too!

Over plucked brows are just so blah! The look now? Think and framing.  To get perfect brows take a pencil and line it up with were your eyes stop, that is were your brow should end. Then look straight forward and line a pencil up to the end of your pupil, that is were your brow should curve. After that just fade out to a tip. Always remember to only pick stray hairs on the bottom of your brow, never the top.

Metallic eyes.

You don't have to make your metallic eyes this crazy to have them be fabulous.

The cutest new look for eyes right now is all in the metal. If you have darker skin choose a  deep gold or copper, but if you have a lighter skin tone go for silver or light  gold. One look that I like to use is a light silver on my lids and a deep gold on my crease. It makes my eyes pop!

Plum lips.

Plum lips are just oh so glamorous!

Say goodbye to boring nude and pink lips, because plum is the new thing. It’s so surprising and flattering that it will turn heads (don’t worry, I mean in a good way!). If your afraid to try it out wear it to a party first. After you see everyone’s reactions you can decide if you want to wear your purple lipstick again, or not.

Bronzed cheeks.

Rihanna looks healthy, and beautiful with her bronzed cheeks.

Bronzed, sun-kissed cheeks are all the rage with winter. Choose a shimmery one 2 shades darker then your natural skin tone to keep from looking like a clown. To apply it right sweep it up from the side of your nose up to the sides of your cheek bones.

So look absolutely stunning this new year, with these fabulous new looks.

Lady Gaga, she seems to be the only thing the media can talk about now a days. But, was she always so, I don’t know, crazy? The answer may surprise you.

Truthfully, she was always sort of crazy in her music and dress. Here’s an old picture of her before she was really actually famous.

Old lady gaga pictures

Lady Gaga always dressed provocatively, even in her early days.

Back before she was famous and her name was  Joanne Stefani Germanotta, she did still dress very sparingly, but nothing compared to how she dresses now. With her blond cropped hair and her almost pantless wardrobe, she is majorly differnt from the way she dressed back then.

And here’s a more recent pic of Lady Gaga.

Lady gaga exploding bra

Um, looks like someones celebrating the 4th of July a little soon...

Wow. Just plain wow. You see the difference? Bra and panties with chains goes to exploding bra and studded swimsuit ( Is it even a swimsuit? I don’t know what it’s called!).

So know your Lady Gaga, before and after she was famous.

Everyone loves to sleep in, but sometimes that can lead to not so fabulous hair. And it takes forever do straighten your

Your bun should look a little like this, except less perfect.

hair, which means waking up early, which means not so fabulous baggy under eyes. So how can you have a fresh face and fabulous hair? Yes, with this quick updo.

Take your hair and put it up into a high messy ponytail with an elastic. Then twist the hair into a bun (take the hair and twist around your hand till its tight) and secure with another elastic. Using your hand pull on the bun till it’s loose and floppy, and if stray hair sticks out from it, that’s fine, they’re supposed to be there. Next… wait, there is no next, your done! Wow, that was fast!

So rock awesome hair, and get some shuteye, with this easy 2 minute updo.

As seen in this month’s Glamour, and on famous bodies everywhere, the jumpsuit (sometimes known as the jumper)  is becoming more and more popular. For those of you who watch the Tyra Banks show (I’m totally addicted!), you might remember seeing her wearing them all the time a while back. But it can be hard to wear a jumper right, and since they’re so new, it’s hard to decipher hot from not, so look below for some examples.

The chunky belt makes this jumpsuit hot! (Not to mention the body wearing it, love you Tyra!

The crazy p.j. pattern and non existent waist made this jumpsuit a not.

The sexy back and cleavage (not to mention a waist) makes this jumpsuit on Gwyneth Paltrow, a major hot.

The thin and short leg on this jumpsuit makes this a not!

Oh and I ❤ the romper too!

Nicole Richie looks fabulous in this black romper, but then again, who doesn't?

So look fabulous this winter, and now that you know what’s hot and what’s not, look fabulous in a jumper!

So pretty, and a do-able for 48 pounds.

To find out more, click here.

There are so many normal boring shoes around, like black pumps, red stilettos, the norm. So I’ve dedicated this post to all the crazy shoes of this world.


Um... ouch.

I want to try walking in these, it would feel so weird!

Wow, these shoes are like sexy times a million!

Guess who was spotted wearing these shoes? None other then Marion Cotillard, that is.

So rock your crazy shoes, because they’re so in this year.

I love halloween but since I know how hard it can be to choose and how halloween tends too sneak up on you (it’s in 1 day!) I think that all you procrastinating ladies nead a break, and here it is. Oh and all these fabulous costumes? You can make them just with things you already own!

  1. Be a hippy!

Be a chic hippy, not a goof.

Take your hair and put it into a super high side ponytail, you can add a bandana if you like. Then grap any tie die shirt you have on hand (or you can make one with friends, so fun and goofy!)  add a pair of low cut  boyfriend jeans, belt them with a scarf, add a big old smile and bam, hippy alert!

      2. Be a vampire!

This picture shows the leading charcater on yet another vampire show, "vampire diaries".

With all this twilight craze vampires are H.O.T. this year, no wonder since everyone in those movies is insanely cute! But back to the point just add some thick black liner, black tights and a black or jean skirt, any pretty old top, and your a fabulous vampire. To see a more desribtive video by the amazing Michelle Phan click here.

       3. Be a spy!

Just because it's cute.

Dress in all black, and some killer high heels really complete it. Add some glam 50’s  marilyn monroe makeup wouldn’t go amis either!

So don’t look like you just threw something together last minute, look glam and chic, even if you only made your costume the day  before halloween!

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