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So, we all know it’s bikini season and come on, who doesn’t want an easy diet to get you beach ready fast?

My favorite carbonated water is selzter. I can go through like 20 cans in a week!

My favorite carbonated water is seltzer. I can go through like 20 cans in a week!

Nobody, that’s who. So before I tell you this ‘easy diet to get you beach ready fast’ you may want to know that it sounds too easy. Too simple. Too silly.  But for people like me, who love to drink coca-cola or any other soda, then yes, this diet may work for you.

So next time you have a craving for your favorite soda (who doesn’t love a good old Coke on a hot summer day?) grab a carbonated water instead (or some of you may know of it as ‘fizzy water’). If this does seem too boring, well I find it boring too, but have found a way to make it yummier and healthier. Add fruit! Nothing makes my sparkling water better then half a cut of grapefruit. This way you have all the nutrion of the fruit, with all of the satisfaction of soda. Yum!

So grab a fizzy water and drink away the pounds to a new, hotter you.


Cookies, brownies, cakes,ice cream, chocolate muffins (yum!), they all scream “hope your not thinking about

Tak away 3 of these cookies and you have a calcium rich meal.

Take away 3 of these cookies and you have a calcium rich meal.

getting into your skinny jeans tomorrow!” but can you eat them and not gain weight? I say yes. If you want to eat a muffin at about, 3:00, don’t. Save it for dessert, that way you wont and up having a double serving of waist line expanding muffins. My second tip is make rewards. If you want to have a bowl of ice cream, go to the gym first. Make goals like, every 30 minutes on a tread mill (at a least 5 miles an hour) equals another scoop of ice cream(using a small scooper). Also make sure you have the right size portion. You can have a chocolate chip cookie as long as it isn’t the size of your head(admit it we’ve all been there). Another good thing to do is that if you are making something like muffins, cupcakes, or cookies then try to stretch the batter. So if you made a batter that was supposed to make 9 muffins make 12 instead. Follow these tips and you’ll be skinny jean worthy faster then you can say, “chocolate muffin!”

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