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I’m going to tell you a story, and I’d like you to point out what was wrong with it. Here we go!



Jillian got home form work one day and wanted a nice, healthy, yummy snack. Jillian walks to her kitchen and looks in her freezer and pulls out an Oreo. Perfect.

Do you know whats wrong? No, its not that oreos aren’t healthy snacks. Wait, oreos are healthy snacks? This is going to need some discussing! (And if you still want to know what was wrong with the sentence, it was that she had her oreos in the freezer. Yes, I know it’s stupid but hey, no one keeps oreos in the freezer.)

Oreos as healthy snacks, sounds weird right? But it is true. An average normal oreo cookie has 50 calories. A little bit more that your average cheese and cracker. Now I’m not saying they have any nutritional value (the best thing they have is 1 gram of dietary fiber) but they are pretty low on calories verse other cookies. Like the average Pepperidge farm soft baked chocolate chunk cookie has around 160 calories versus an Oreo cookie at 50 calories. Yeah.

So grab an Oreo (but don’t forget your apples!) and dig in, because Oreos (in moderation) are healthy.


So, we all know it’s bikini season and come on, who doesn’t want an easy diet to get you beach ready fast?

My favorite carbonated water is selzter. I can go through like 20 cans in a week!

My favorite carbonated water is seltzer. I can go through like 20 cans in a week!

Nobody, that’s who. So before I tell you this ‘easy diet to get you beach ready fast’ you may want to know that it sounds too easy. Too simple. Too silly.  But for people like me, who love to drink coca-cola or any other soda, then yes, this diet may work for you.

So next time you have a craving for your favorite soda (who doesn’t love a good old Coke on a hot summer day?) grab a carbonated water instead (or some of you may know of it as ‘fizzy water’). If this does seem too boring, well I find it boring too, but have found a way to make it yummier and healthier. Add fruit! Nothing makes my sparkling water better then half a cut of grapefruit. This way you have all the nutrion of the fruit, with all of the satisfaction of soda. Yum!

So grab a fizzy water and drink away the pounds to a new, hotter you.

This unrefined sugar will keep your food sweet and is on your diet, how awesome is that?

This unrefined sugar will keep your food sweet and is on your diet, how awesome is that?

Here’s a Half  Baked! Now there are many diets out there that have a lot of planning going into them like only eating a certain amount of calories and what not but with diet you don’t have to count calories or eat salad, all  you have to do is not eat refined sugar. You can still have sugar but it can be refined white sugar it has to be as some like to call it, raw sugar. Raw sugar is made up of big (approximately 1/4 of a centimeter)chunks of light brown sugar, just don’t confuse it with brown sugar because they have distinctly different flavors. So were can you find this raw sugar? Well there is a brand that sells it and it’s called (the suspense builds!) ‘Sugar in the raw’ . They come in packets and containers and I have seen some at Starbucks but never at Dunkin’ donuts. So grab a packet of  ‘ sugar in the raw’ and make your way to a  slimmer, sexier, healthier you.

P.S. My favorite drink that is made with unrefined sugar is Honest Tea’s, Black Forest Berry. It’s refreshind and with only 60 calories a bottle, it must have been made in heaven.

Deep breaths everbody, deep breaths!

Deep breaths everbody, deep breaths!

Easter is one of the most fattening holidays there is, it’s 24 hours of pure fat-building fun, a war zone with chocolate eggs, peeps, and easter cake as the enemy, and you know you’re going down. My top tip for this fatiday (fat+holiday) is don’t resist all of the Easter candy craze, just some of it. If you say, ‘no, I will not eat one piece of candy’ you’ll end up eating 10 times more then if you had just let yourself eat some in the first place. That’s how I survived. Also if you go overboard and eat say, 700 calories of peeps (trust me we’ve all been there) don’t fast for a day, just remember the next time around how guilty you felt before you eat 1…or 2…0r 5, but no matter how many you eat, weigh the happiness you feel while you eat it, against the guilt you’ll feel after you eat it.

Easter is over now but the tips you just read work for every holiday (remember this on Christmas, yeah, I’m on to you!) so be healthy, be happy, and stock up on peeps while you can!

What we all wish we looked like.(sigh)

What we all wish we look like.(sigh)

I’m sure I’m not the only person here who can’t wait for hot summer days, swimming in the pool, and relaxing by the ocean, but the whole ‘bikini-show-down-thing’ I could definitely wait for. I’m positive you all have seen the size 0, teeny, weeny girls with their teeny, weeny bikinis to match, giving you those quiet looks of distain as you lounge in the corner wearing your size 12 black one piece. So how do you turn from size not to size hot? Just follow these 4 easy tricks to make you teeny, weeny bikini worthy just in time for summer.

  • Find out how many calories you need a day and eat 200 less.
  • Look through all your cookbooks and find low calorie meals, make them.
  • Start going to exercise classes, it doesn’t matter what it is, yoga, dance, cardio, anything works.
  • If you don’t want to change your lifestyle there is one thing you can do, learn do love yourself. Be big, beautiful, confident, and totally in-your-face awesome.
Just follow those 4 tricks and soon you’ll be kicking those size 0 girls butts in no time!

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