Makeup, fashion, and me.

About my blog.

Makeup fashion and me is basically just about that. I love makeup and fashion and would one day like to be a magazine writer. The me part is just for when I want to share a little something about my life (like this cute shirt I got for just $11.99!) If you have suggestions or ideas for please feel free to email me at Hasta la vista!


5 Responses to "About my blog."

Nice BLog i am def going 2 use your tips!! 🙂

can u make a post about nail polish.. just any tips about how 2 put it on nice and stuff, also can u put good hair styles 4 short hair… ohhhh and maybe like stuff 4 zodiac signs… (i am a taurus.. ect.)

Hi.. I love your blog!!! =D I’m thinking of putting up my own beauty blog.. =D When I do, I will be putting you on my blog roll.. =D Keep up the good work.. =D

Thanks for the comment! You definately should put up a beauty blog, and I’ll put you on my blogroll too!:) Keep commenting, and tell me when your blog is up! 😀

Hi.. my blogs is:

=D I’m actually still working on the content.. 😀 and check out my other blog as well..

I’m actually transferring Bits N’ Pieces here on wordpress,, But I still have to manage my pics.. So.. Yeah.. Got u on my blogroll already! =D

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