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YAY! Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it was 70 degrees out yesterday! But before you go out to buy your new spring clothes, you should probably check out these new spring staples.

The gladitor sandle-

Gladitor sandle = HOT. Metalics = HOT. Metalics and Gladitor sandles = SMOLDERING!

This sandle will upgrade your winter look into the perfect spring outfit. It’s easy to drop $1oo+ on these adorable sandles but try places like payless and forever21 first, since they have some very cute shoes. This gorgeos sandle is $22.99 at

The cross shoulder bag-

Cute and pratical! Clutches are adorable but who wants to carry around a clutch all the time? Cross shoulder bags give you all the awesomeness with more comfort. $34.99 at

The embrodered shirts-


 Feminin and sweet, even I just had to buy this top! $24.99 at

  Floral dress-

The detail on the bust makes it sexy, not frumpy.

To keep the florals fresh- not grandma-y- make the floral bright, not faded. $24.50 at

Woven Belts

Great for belting a cute spring short.

Belts can give an outfit that little but of extra, um how do I say this, ommf! $29.50 at

So spring into spring, without having to buy a whole new wardobe.


I love a good deal, especcially around the holidays. But black friday just scares me to death! But everybody expects a good gift, and

Be cozy!

now I have the perfect gift for any girl you know!

Next time your down at the mall, stop at Old Navy. This saturday (and probably the next few days too, their one day sales are always more then one day) , they have cozy wool sweaters, just $10! I’m going to get one later today, so why don’t you get one too?

So  be cozy this holiday, and still have money left over!

I love the holidays! But what I don’t love is the “gift look”. Yes you’ve all seen, the look where they say “omg, I love it soooooo much!”, but where you you know they want to throw it off the empire state building. Well I’m setting out to keep that look from happening, at least to you, with these universally-loved holiday gifts.

For the makeup lover-

blue mascara

Blue mascara

Blue mascara the perfect gift for any makeup loving friend. I tried it on while browsing through sephora, and I love, love, love! I’d be happy if I got it for Christmas!
Buy some here.

For the guy in your life –

gym membership card

Gym membership

Buy your guy a gym membership, or if he already has one, buy yourself one to the same gym! Nothing brings you to closer then working for the same goal, to be as fit as you can be!

Buy at any local gym.

For your mom-

Cashmere sweater

Get a cozy sweater for a more then cozy price. J C penney has V-neck cashmere sweaters for $19.99-$22.99.

Buy them here.

For your children-

Any child will be more then amused with custom m&ms. I mean come on, it’s candy, and it’s cool!

Buy them here.

So avoid the dreaded “gift look”, with my amazing gifts!

As seen in this month’s Glamour, and on famous bodies everywhere, the jumpsuit (sometimes known as the jumper)  is becoming more and more popular. For those of you who watch the Tyra Banks show (I’m totally addicted!), you might remember seeing her wearing them all the time a while back. But it can be hard to wear a jumper right, and since they’re so new, it’s hard to decipher hot from not, so look below for some examples.

The chunky belt makes this jumpsuit hot! (Not to mention the body wearing it, love you Tyra!

The crazy p.j. pattern and non existent waist made this jumpsuit a not.

The sexy back and cleavage (not to mention a waist) makes this jumpsuit on Gwyneth Paltrow, a major hot.

The thin and short leg on this jumpsuit makes this a not!

Oh and I ❤ the romper too!

Nicole Richie looks fabulous in this black romper, but then again, who doesn't?

So look fabulous this winter, and now that you know what’s hot and what’s not, look fabulous in a jumper!

So pretty, and a do-able for 48 pounds.

To find out more, click here.

Black, so sexy, so perfect, so timeless – wait, what was that? It couldn’t be the fashion world telling me that, what? Plaid’s the new.. black? How can it be? Well with all these cute new clothes, how can’t it be?

I have this shirt, and I get more compliments ever time I wear it!

39.50 at

So cute, and would be great with black tights!

17.80 at

I know what your thinking, "Minidress+winter=cold legs!" but have you not forgotten the wonderful invention tights?

22.99 at

So move over black, plaid’s in now!

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