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How to get perfect beach waves.

Posted on: May 31, 2009

Follow this post and youll have waves like these.

Follow this post and you'll have waves like these. (Waves beautifully shown by Beyonce)

Winter is finally over, and you know what that means? Girls with perfect beach waves looking perfect while you sit with your messy bun looking not so perfect. And on the very (very) rare occasions when you do get gorgeous hair, it takes the whole rest of your day. But there is hope yet, it is possible to have the perfect beach waves without spending your whole day getting that ‘it’ look. And it’s called . . .  keep reading and you’ll find out.

(for real now) It’s called, ‘the messy bun and spray’

Now I now that sounds weird and surprisingly like your normal messy bun and go routine, and it is, except in this routine, you take the bun out. Here’s how it goes.

(shower version)

Take a shower, towel dry you hair until it’s damp, now make a bun.  But, because there are many kinds of buns out there I’m going to describe how to make this certain one. Any other and you won’t get waves.

And these . . .

And these . . . (Shown by the amazing Amanda Bynes)

Take your hair and start to make a pony tail. Once you have wrapped your hairband around the base of it one time, take your hair (keeping the half pony in) and twist. Twist your hair until it starts to wrap around the base of the pony and then wrap the twist into a ball. Then take the hair band and wrap it around the ball until you get to the middle of the ball and leave it there.  Tada, you have your bun.

Wait until you are about to go to the beach, undue your bun, and spray with hair spray. You should now have the perfect beach waves. When you go swimming put your hair up again and wait till your hairs almost dry. You know have perfect beach waves, again!

And these!

And these... (Shown by the talented Hilary Duff)

(No shower version)

Follow the steps to make a bun and spray with water or hair spray until damp. Then follow the next the steps above.

This year show those beach girls who’s boss and kick butt with perfect beach waves.

And these! (

And these! (Shown by the 1 and only Rihanna.)


12 Responses to "How to get perfect beach waves."

i usally get beach zig zags but ur tip seems like it will work!

[…] how am I going to get fabulous beach waves? I know that I have already written a post called, how to get perfect beach waves, but that post only tells you how to make them before your in the water, not after. So in this […]

i love the idea but i don’t get how to do the bun could you make a video or something??

Kelly- Sorry I really didn’t explain it better in that post! :P. I’ll try to make more sense this time.

Basicily your making a loose ballerina bun.You will need 2 hair bands. Take your hair and make a high, tight ponytail. Then twist (twirl?) your hair untill the twist is tight. Holding on to the twist wrap it around the base of the ponytail. With your other hand put in an elastic. When your bun is done, spray with lots of hair spray, blow dry it or air dry, just make sure when you take the bun out your hair is dry. Viola, you have beach waves.

I’ll see if I can put up a video but since my computer is broken (sadness!) I don’t know if I’ll be able too. Thanks for the comment.
Here’s a video showing how to make one of the buns exapt for my bun you use a hair elastic instead of a needle. The person in the video’s not me in case you were wondering! 😛

thanks very much i think i get it!
will it actually work like in the pictures though?? x

Worked for me! If you want more perfect waves though, just curl a couple stands with a curling iron (just remember to have to face down, that way the curls will be loose and wavy). The waves you get from the bun are pretty messy and loose.
If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me at or right here at makeup fashion and me!

i tried it and it didn’t work it just like bunched up and looked awful i have medium hair do you have any suggestions on how to get it to work or i didn’t way.

Hmm… it doesn’t always work on very thick hair, but I think I can make you happy. Make sure your hair is dry when you it in! That is very, very, (very very!) important. My hair bunches too sometimes when I use that method to get waves, you can either lightly finger comb out the bunches, or brush them out with a comb and then shake your head like a mad man to make the waves look messy. Okay since the first bun it didn’t work on your hair I have 2 suggestions. Instead of making one big bun, make like four, (always remember to spray with hair spray!) that way it hopefully won’t bunch (and if it does… well you know what to do!). My next suggestion doesn’t work very well on me but may work great on you. Make like 5 braids (no more it stops being wave and gets frizzy!) spray with hair spray, and when you take them out shake your head to make it look messier. Thank you for the comments, and please give feed back on whether the new tips worked or not! 🙂

omg thanks so much ill try when i next wash my hair x i didnt know you have to wait for it to dry!! thing is i have naturally curly hair when it tries and if i put it in the bun will it work??

Yep I think so!

i dont no u seem to be the expert do i have beach waves reply plzzzzzzz!!!!

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