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Want beautiful, clear, soft, subtle skin? Try an at home facial steam!

be carefull not to get too close, 8 inches is how far your face should be from the steam.

  1. Get a bowl of steaming hot water from the tap.
  2. Squeeze in a couple drops of lemon juice.
  3. Place a towl over your head to catch the steam.
  4. Let the steam do it’s work fro 10 minutes.
  5. Wash your face and then splash it with cold water.

Facial steams are good because they open up your pours. When your pours are opened up all the dirt and oil that cuases pimples and blackheads can come out easier, and so when you wash your face after the steam, your really just washing away all the impurites in your skin. And the lemon you put in? That helps to get rid of scars and erase blackheads. The only problem with these steams is that becuase they open your pours so much they can be very drying, so only do one once every 1 or 2 weeks.

So get a beautifully clear skin with a facial steam!


I hate when I  get a pimple, it’s one of the most annoying, confidence-busting things in the world. It makes me

Fake beautiful skin with foundation and concealer.

self conscious and instantly brings me down. What makes it worse is that I can’t figure out how to hide the little sucker, well, not until now.

Here are the easy steps

  1. Wash your face with warm water, not hot, that will only irritate the pimple.
  2. Rub heated extra virgin olive oil in to your skin for a few minutes
  3. Wash off the extra virgin olive oil and dab (not scrub!) your face dry with a clean towl or paper towl.
  4. Next take some oil free moisteriser and apply it ont the blemish.
  5. Cover the blemish in oil free foundation.
  6. After apply concealer with a pointed brush. If you don’t have one apply with a clean finger tip.
  7. Keep applying foundation and concealer until the blemish is covered. Remember, try not to over apply, chances are no one else notices except for you.

So if you don’t have beautiful clear skin, fake it with a little foundation.

I absolutely love olive oil. It gets rid of makeup, tastes fabulous on bread, and now it even cleanses my face! I know everyone’s a little skeptical of this, I was too! I mean come on, it oil! But after like a week of research and how my skin failed to break out after I started using it as as a makeup remover, I decided to give it a try.

You don't need a fancy price tag to make your olive oil face wash work it's magic, just rub on a litte bit of extra virgin oil from your local grocier store.

The results are AMAZING. It started clearing up my skin in like 3 days. I’ve even used it as a pimple treater. I put it on at night, rub it in,  and bam, my skin looks 10 times better in the morning. Now there is one problem with olive oil. It tends not to clean my nose at all. It was like the more it cleared up my cheeks and forehead, the more icky my nose got. So how did I solve this? After I wash my face with olive oil I take all of it off and then apply a little bit of rice water to my nose. Problem solved.

Oh, and when you apply the olive oil put it on when your in the shower right after you put conditioner in your hair. Close the shower door and turn it up hot so it steams, that will help open up your pores so the olive oil can really work it’s magic and help it get rid of blackheads.

So look and feel absuloutly radient, with olive oil.

I love DIY things. They’re fun to make and even funner when they work well. I love to make sugar scrubs, and toners, and lot’s of

Probably the most unexpected cleanser since bird poop.

Probably the most unexpected cleanser since bird poop.

other fabulous things, but sometimes when I feel lazy I just want an easy DIY recipe that actually works. And maybe cleans, gets rid of pimples, and softens skin too. Sound too good to be true? Just take a look instead your Refrigerator.

Not only does this wonderful drink build strong bones, it also is a great cleanser. Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about good old fashioned milk. It’s wonderful for creating soft pimple-free skin. Try whole milk or cream for dry skin, and skim or 1% milk or oily skin. What I love about this cleanser is that I barely have to do anything to get great results. Not to mention the super cheap price.

So love your skin, and love your cleanser.

Who needs store bought lip gloss hen you can make your own!

Who needs store bought lip gloss hen you can make your own!

Ever wanted to be able to make your own lip gloss? Well now it’s possible, and it’s even easy!

You will need, 1 handful of rasberries/strawberries, 1 tube of chapstick.

Follow these simple instructions to get the perfect lipgloss.

  1. Mash up about 5 or six rasberries or strawberries in a small bowl.
  2. Take out your tube of chapstick and wind it until almost all of it’s out.
  3. Place the chapstick and the rasberries in a bowl, mix.
  4. Now just place as much as needed on your lips and you’ll have a natural and moisterising lip gloss.

So gloss it up, or even better DIY it up.

We all know that feeling, you wake up on an important day (whether it’s a business meeting, a new job, or even the first day of

This is the green clay I use.

This is the green clay I use.

school), got lots of sleep the night before, go to put on your favorite mascara and then, kapow, you notice. A giant monster of a zit, so big it looks like it’s eating your face. Let the freaking out begin. But wait! You don’t need to freak out as long as you have this magical zit buster, green clay.

Yes, green clay. But don’t just head over to your nearest pottery store, this is special green clay. It comes in a powder (I like this version by Burt’s Bee’s), and when mixed with a little bit of water, it’s ready to put on. It may smell a little weird at first, but once it dries you can’t smell a thing, and it dries VERY quickly. It kills bacteria, so it also works for cuts, skin infections, and most importantly, zits.

So don’t freak out, grab some green clay and you’re good to go.

Splotchy, uneven tans are a major summer don’t,  but it’s obvious that know one try’s to get an uneven tan on

You dont have to spend a million bucks to look like one, just stop by your favorite CVS and pick up a body scrub like this one (thats how I got mine!)

You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like one, just stop by your favorite CVS and pick up a body scrub like this one (that's how I got mine!)

purpose. We all go to the beach looking for fun and a nice even tan, but sometimes when you return home in the evening you are left with a tan that’s anything but smooth and even and all over gorgeous. So how do you get the perfect tan? You exfoliate first.

Uneven, rough tans are the product of uneven, rough skin. When dead skin cells pile up on the skins surface it makes skin dry and rough, causing your tan to be darker in some places then others. But when you exfoliate you get rid of dead skin cells and expose new, fresh,  skin cells, causing skin to be smooth and even, therefor causing your tan to be smooth and even too.

Exfoliating is simple and if you don’t know what it is or how to do, I will explain. When you exfoliate you rub tiny bead like objects against your skin causing the dead skin cells on your skin surface to come off. That makes skin smoother, softer, and for some can makes wrinkles less noticeable. You can also use exfoliating gloves or pads. If you forget to exfoliate before going to the beach but still want a nice tan, try rubbing sand on your legs and arms.

Grab some sand aand get exfoliating, beacause the secret to a great tan, is smooth, exfoliated skin.

Comment!                                                                                                                                                                                                              What do you use for exfoliating? Sand, or do you have a favorite scrub? Tell!

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