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So you walk in to Sephora, all excited, and you find… 40 dollar lipgloss. WHAT? You can’t believe

I love lip glosses that come in a little tube, they're easy to keep in your jeans pocket, and if you loose htem you don't feel as bad.

your eyes! I mean 40 dollars for a lipgloss!? You walk out of the store, your head drooping, defeated. Sound like you? I know I’ve been surprised by the mind blowing prices in that store. But lipgloss is neccesary in the winter monthes, not only to keep you looking fly, but to keep your lips soft and smooth. So were do you find the best affordable lipgloss? Let’s take a walk in your local Walgreens.

Yesterday I headed down to Walgreens to get a new shampoo and conditioner, but decided I needed a new lipgloss while I was down there. I walked past the rows of covergirl, maybeline, and Lorreal, all the lipglosses were still to pricey! And then in a little rack with the big words “DEAL ALERT!” on it, I thought I might have found the one. I looked down and discovered “Squeeze’ n Shine” by jordana, for $1.99. Why not, I thought? 10 minutes later I was driving home and took off the cap to smell the lipgloss. YUM! It smelled just like candy! And it even tasted good, not nasty and sour tasting like other lipglosses can be. I think I met have found the most perfect lipgloss ever!

So shine this winter with super tasy, super shiny, super cheap lipgloss!

To buy Squeeze’ n Shine lipgloss, click here.


Do you like going bare? (no, i don’t mean nude!) Well I have 10 reasons why you shouldn’t!

  1. Some studies have shown that putting on makeup makes you less clumsy! (You’d have to be a fricken’ acrobat not to need that!)
  2. It makes you prettier, I don’t care if bare is in, a little makeup never hurt anyone.
  3. It can make you more confident (even though notice else but you can see that microscopic pimple!)
  4. It can help get you noticed, I mean who doesn’t notice the girl in the neon green eyeshadow?
  5. It can make boys like you, I know it’s shallow but it works.
  6. It can help your skin (Bye bye wrinkles!)
  7. Bronzer is a great alternative to tanning, so technically makeup helps you stay skin cancer free.
  8. Keeps your lips from being chapped, I mean come on, you doesn’t love a great moisturizing gloss?
  9. Makeup parties are a great activity for a girls night in, you just can’t go wrong.
  10. And last but not least, makeup can make you feel more beautiful, and that’s all that matters in the end.

So rock that makeup, and know why you should.

Who needs store bought lip gloss hen you can make your own!

Who needs store bought lip gloss hen you can make your own!

Ever wanted to be able to make your own lip gloss? Well now it’s possible, and it’s even easy!

You will need, 1 handful of rasberries/strawberries, 1 tube of chapstick.

Follow these simple instructions to get the perfect lipgloss.

  1. Mash up about 5 or six rasberries or strawberries in a small bowl.
  2. Take out your tube of chapstick and wind it until almost all of it’s out.
  3. Place the chapstick and the rasberries in a bowl, mix.
  4. Now just place as much as needed on your lips and you’ll have a natural and moisterising lip gloss.

So gloss it up, or even better DIY it up.

You put sunscreen on your face, you put sunscreen on your hands, heck, if you’re me you put sunscreen in between your toes, but you never put sunscreen on your lips. Isn’t that just wrong? And think about, your lips are as exposed to the sun as the rest of your face, but you wouldn’t dream of going without sunscreen on a hot summer day. But you aren’t just about going rub sunscreen all over your mouth when the Pacheco says ‘If swallowed please medical help’ . Is anyone else uh-oh-ing? But there is hope for your yet, with SPF lip gloss.

I happen to own this fabulous gloss (real name, freash sugar lip gloss) and have been in love with it for over a year. It has SPF 15 and smells like lemon. Lemon smelling and has sunscrreen? I think we have a winner!

I happen to own this fabulous gloss (real name, Fresh Sugar lip gloss) and have been in love with it for over a year. It has SPF 15 and smells like lemon. Lemon smelling and has sunscreen? I think we have a winner!

Sound perfect? There’s more! It’s also moisturizing and not sticky. Perfection in a tube. You can find it at Sephora for $18 dollars.

So give your lips a break a SPF-ify them!

High gloss, high shine lips are all that this summer. But gloss doesn’t look to hot on chapped, wrinkled lips. So,

Be like Miley and het smooth, glossy lips this summer.

Be like Miley and get her smooth, glossy lips this summer.

how do you keep your lips smooth and soft? You exfoliate.

I know exfoliating your lips doesn’t sound like too much fun, but it actually is painless and easy. Cover your lips in lip balm and rub in. Now, take your toothbrush and rub the bristles (gently) on you lips. It might feel a little uncomfortable but as long as you don’t rub for too long, you’ll be fine. Wash the lip balm off and then apply a thinner, more conservative layer. Tada, you have smooth, gloss ready lips.

Comment!                                                                                                                                                                                                       How do you keep your lips smooth? Do you exfoliate or do something else? Tell!

I know my last post had to do with another makeup (Cargo Essential Eyeshadow

These fabulouse lipstick are from the new (but popular) line, Plant Love.

These fabulouse lipstick are from the new (but popular) line, Plant Love.

Palette) but I’m really in love with this one too! It’s called Botanical Lipstick by Cargo.

It’s all natural and $2 out of each sale will go to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital. But that’s not the only thing awesome about it. It gives great shine and sparkle and great moister. My lips are like the desert, but this lipstick made my lips like the rain forest (I know bad analogy but still… the lipstick is very moisturizing!) The shade I got was ‘Sarah’ (or ‘shimmering pink pearl’) and I think it is universaly hot on everyone, so if you wanted to to try a color, I suggest that one. There are 17 shades to choose from though, so if you don’t like that one don’t worry. The final price is $2o. But, if your willing to find a Sephora masterclass called, ‘7 in 7’ you can get it for free. I was casualy browsing Sephora when I stumbled across the class and got a sampler bag with the lipstick in it. But even if your not as lucky as me and need to pay full price, I think it is an investment you won’t regret.

Lip stain is great for summer because on like other products ( *cough* Lipstick *cough) it

Next time your munching on a raspberry, try rubbing some on your lips. Youll look weird while your doing it, but look gorgeous after.

Next time you're munching on a raspberry, try rubbing some on your lips. You'll look weird while your doing it, but look gorgeous after.

actually stays on. So if you’re swimming, you can still have great looking lips. But lip stains only great if it doesn’t break the bank, so how do you get long lasting, great looking, cheap lip stain? You make it! Here’s a recipe for all natural, all fabulous, lip stain.

  • 3 or 4 raspberries.
  • 1 spoonful of olive oil.

Not very long is it? And it’s easy to mix! Just mash up the raspberries and add olive oil for a great lip stain.

Added bonus! Because the lip stains made from raspberries, it not only looks great,but smells and taste great too!

Comment!                                                                                                                                                                                       Have you used this recipe before? Or do you have a different one? Or, what’s your favorite not home made lip stain? Tell!

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