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Winter means dry. Dry skin, and worst of all, dry hair. Nothing can ruin a pretty day more then dry, brittle hair. And those fancy

olive oil and egg yolk hair mask

An olive oil and egg yolk hair mask makes hair shiny, soft, and helps to get rid of frizz.

salon brands? They cost all the money you’ve been saving up for gifts! But with all the dances, and parties, you neeed soft, touchable locks. But how? Just take a look inside your kitchen…

For a hair mask that works, you need an olive oil and egg yolk hair mask.

  1. Take a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, and pour 1 cup.
  2. Crack open an egg, and seperate the egg whites from the egg yolk.
  3. Whip the egg yolk with a fork, or any other utensil of your choice.
  4. Mix the egg yolk and olive oil well.
  5. Heat it up in the micro wave for 10 seconds.
  6. Apply to the scalp and work down to the ends. Apply extra on the ends because they tend to be the driest and most brittle part of your hair.
  7. Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour.
  8. Wash off thoroughly with a moisterizing shampoo.
  9. Blow dry, towl dry, or air dry, and feel the amazing softness.

So get great, soft, party ready hair, all with the ingrdients you have in your kitchen!


I love the holidays! But what I don’t love is the “gift look”. Yes you’ve all seen, the look where they say “omg, I love it soooooo much!”, but where you you know they want to throw it off the empire state building. Well I’m setting out to keep that look from happening, at least to you, with these universally-loved holiday gifts.

For the makeup lover-

blue mascara

Blue mascara

Blue mascara the perfect gift for any makeup loving friend. I tried it on while browsing through sephora, and I love, love, love! I’d be happy if I got it for Christmas!
Buy some here.

For the guy in your life –

gym membership card

Gym membership

Buy your guy a gym membership, or if he already has one, buy yourself one to the same gym! Nothing brings you to closer then working for the same goal, to be as fit as you can be!

Buy at any local gym.

For your mom-

Cashmere sweater

Get a cozy sweater for a more then cozy price. J C penney has V-neck cashmere sweaters for $19.99-$22.99.

Buy them here.

For your children-

Any child will be more then amused with custom m&ms. I mean come on, it’s candy, and it’s cool!

Buy them here.

So avoid the dreaded “gift look”, with my amazing gifts!

Want clearer, brighter, more fabulous skin? Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy chemical peels? Just look inside

Lemon juice

Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a small bowl or spoon, like seen here.

your kitchen for an easy at home facial peel!

I know your probably wondering, “what in the world can I use thats in my kitchen?!” well the answer my surprise you. Lemon juice. For some of you who are long term readers of my blog, you may remember my earlier post about lemon juice, and how it can remover stains from your nails. But this magical juice can also provide a practicly magical peel! Remeber to always start off my washing your face with warm water.

1. Take then end of lemon and squeeze its juice into a spoon. Cut a fresh slice of tomato.

2. Next dip a cotton ball or a folded peice of paper towl and dip that in the lemon juice.

3.  Apply the lemon juice all over your face

4. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off.

5. Now apply the tomato juice to sooth your skin. Leave for 20 minutes before washing off.

Now I’ going to warn you, the lemon juice stings! And if you have been picking at a pimple or have been peeling some dry skin, please don’t put the lemon on that patch of skin, I learned that the hard way!

So have clear, bright, beautiful skin, all for around 4 dolllars!

Lady Gaga, she seems to be the only thing the media can talk about now a days. But, was she always so, I don’t know, crazy? The answer may surprise you.

Truthfully, she was always sort of crazy in her music and dress. Here’s an old picture of her before she was really actually famous.

Old lady gaga pictures

Lady Gaga always dressed provocatively, even in her early days.

Back before she was famous and her name was  Joanne Stefani Germanotta, she did still dress very sparingly, but nothing compared to how she dresses now. With her blond cropped hair and her almost pantless wardrobe, she is majorly differnt from the way she dressed back then.

And here’s a more recent pic of Lady Gaga.

Lady gaga exploding bra

Um, looks like someones celebrating the 4th of July a little soon...

Wow. Just plain wow. You see the difference? Bra and panties with chains goes to exploding bra and studded swimsuit ( Is it even a swimsuit? I don’t know what it’s called!).

So know your Lady Gaga, before and after she was famous.

I hate when I  get a pimple, it’s one of the most annoying, confidence-busting things in the world. It makes me

Fake beautiful skin with foundation and concealer.

self conscious and instantly brings me down. What makes it worse is that I can’t figure out how to hide the little sucker, well, not until now.

Here are the easy steps

  1. Wash your face with warm water, not hot, that will only irritate the pimple.
  2. Rub heated extra virgin olive oil in to your skin for a few minutes
  3. Wash off the extra virgin olive oil and dab (not scrub!) your face dry with a clean towl or paper towl.
  4. Next take some oil free moisteriser and apply it ont the blemish.
  5. Cover the blemish in oil free foundation.
  6. After apply concealer with a pointed brush. If you don’t have one apply with a clean finger tip.
  7. Keep applying foundation and concealer until the blemish is covered. Remember, try not to over apply, chances are no one else notices except for you.

So if you don’t have beautiful clear skin, fake it with a little foundation.

Everyone wants pretty hair. But not everyone has it. Here is 1 (yes only 1!) simple yet awesome tip to make your

By conditioning from the ends up you help close the cuticle, which controls frizz, and helps grow longer healthier hair.

hair shine.

What you need to do is condition from the ends up. Yes, I know some of you already know this but it works. And if you don’t know this its the perfect tip to impress your family this holiday season.

When you condition from the ends up it helps your ends, and since your ends are the oldest part of your hair it gets rid of some parts that may look matted and knotty. Also when you condition, you don’t want to get too much conditioner on your scalp because it can irritate the skin on the top of your head and give you dry skin and dandruff.

So show off that shine because now you too can have pretty hair.


Everyone loves to sleep in, but sometimes that can lead to not so fabulous hair. And it takes forever do straighten your

Your bun should look a little like this, except less perfect.

hair, which means waking up early, which means not so fabulous baggy under eyes. So how can you have a fresh face and fabulous hair? Yes, with this quick updo.

Take your hair and put it up into a high messy ponytail with an elastic. Then twist the hair into a bun (take the hair and twist around your hand till its tight) and secure with another elastic. Using your hand pull on the bun till it’s loose and floppy, and if stray hair sticks out from it, that’s fine, they’re supposed to be there. Next… wait, there is no next, your done! Wow, that was fast!

So rock awesome hair, and get some shuteye, with this easy 2 minute updo.

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