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Whooooo hoooo! Guess what my fellow bloggers? I just published my 150th post!

Quickly everyone grab your balloons, its time to PARTY!

Quickly everyone grab your balloons, it's time to PARTY!

I want to thank everyone who’s visited my blog, and I would especially like to thank all my blogger buddies and everyone who’s added me to their blogroll. Thank you!  7 months ago I would have never thought I could commit to writing something for this long and well I guess this has proved that I can! So thank you! And expect many more posts to come!

Ta ta for now my friends! ❤

What would you like to see more of in future post?s More fashion? Makeup? Jewelry? Tell me what you would like me to write about, and I promise I will!


Summer’s almost over! *sniff sniff* But that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading! Makeup fashion and me has

Fall is here, and we still are too!

Fall is here, and we still are too!

 all the advice you need to get you through the new school year, or to help make work less boring. Whether it’s what the new fall fashion is, what shorts are work appropreate, the hottest new makeup, or anything else has to offer, we have all you could possibly need. And if you do skip a subject you want to learn more about, just send me an email about what you want to know.

So keep asking, keep commenting, and most importantly, keep reading.

A bag with a mission, the mission to save your clothes.

A bag with a mission, the mission to save your clothes.

We’ve all been there, arrived at a destination and realised your makeup has spilled all overyour clothes. It sucks, and since when I go away I only pack my favorite clothes, I’v ruined some pretty fabulous items. But how to you fix this problem? Glad can help out.

Yes glad ziplock bags. Just stick your shampoo and conditioner in one bag, your foundation in another, and anything else you can fit. That way, if your makeup spill it only spills inside the bag, not on your clothes.

I know this is commen knowledge, but hey, some people might not know, and if you already did… tell me! Your comments are very much appreciated.

I origanaly found this website a couple months ago and LOVE IT. Click here to check it out.  So, what do you need?

Using a new widget on wordpress, makeup, fashion, and me can now help millions of people around the world get clean

Please help out, you have nothing to loose.

Please help out, you have nothing to lose.

water. 1 in 6 people on this world don’t have clean water to drink, by simply clicking ‘Help now you can change that’. Don’t you think it’s wrong that over 4,500 children die each day because they don’t have clean water and basic sanitary conditions? So please click ‘Help now’, it doesn’t cost a cent and will help many people. Just click.

I’m going to tell you a story, and I’d like you to point out what was wrong with it. Here we go!



Jillian got home form work one day and wanted a nice, healthy, yummy snack. Jillian walks to her kitchen and looks in her freezer and pulls out an Oreo. Perfect.

Do you know whats wrong? No, its not that oreos aren’t healthy snacks. Wait, oreos are healthy snacks? This is going to need some discussing! (And if you still want to know what was wrong with the sentence, it was that she had her oreos in the freezer. Yes, I know it’s stupid but hey, no one keeps oreos in the freezer.)

Oreos as healthy snacks, sounds weird right? But it is true. An average normal oreo cookie has 50 calories. A little bit more that your average cheese and cracker. Now I’m not saying they have any nutritional value (the best thing they have is 1 gram of dietary fiber) but they are pretty low on calories verse other cookies. Like the average Pepperidge farm soft baked chocolate chunk cookie has around 160 calories versus an Oreo cookie at 50 calories. Yeah.

So grab an Oreo (but don’t forget your apples!) and dig in, because Oreos (in moderation) are healthy. is moving (kind of)! I have decided to move to blogger! Don’t worry though my friends, I will still post in kaunis, but my blogger blog ( will have some extra (money saving) posts . But remember to check back here because I will still be posting (and come on, I love Kaunis and all my readers, how could I ever leave?) See you here (and there) soon!

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