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YAY! Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it was 70 degrees out yesterday! But before you go out to buy your new spring clothes, you should probably check out these new spring staples.

The gladitor sandle-

Gladitor sandle = HOT. Metalics = HOT. Metalics and Gladitor sandles = SMOLDERING!

This sandle will upgrade your winter look into the perfect spring outfit. It’s easy to drop $1oo+ on these adorable sandles but try places like payless and forever21 first, since they have some very cute shoes. This gorgeos sandle is $22.99 at

The cross shoulder bag-

Cute and pratical! Clutches are adorable but who wants to carry around a clutch all the time? Cross shoulder bags give you all the awesomeness with more comfort. $34.99 at

The embrodered shirts-


 Feminin and sweet, even I just had to buy this top! $24.99 at

  Floral dress-

The detail on the bust makes it sexy, not frumpy.

To keep the florals fresh- not grandma-y- make the floral bright, not faded. $24.50 at

Woven Belts

Great for belting a cute spring short.

Belts can give an outfit that little but of extra, um how do I say this, ommf! $29.50 at

So spring into spring, without having to buy a whole new wardobe.


Now that fall is gone, along with thanksgiving (by the way, you can tell me how yours was in the comment section below!), it’s time to think winter. But uh oh, if your anything like me, you haven’t even been thinking winter at all lately! And the last thing you want is to be wearing last seasons nail polish! But don’t worry you don’t have to freak out, because I’ve already found the perfect nail Milani Nail Lacquer Disco Lights 89 polish color, that will be fabulous all season!

Next time your at the your local drugstore, CVS, or Walmart, pick up a nice sparkly color. “Sparkly?”, you may ask. I thought this winter was all about the dark and drab? But in a sea of dark blues and purple, a nice sparkly color is just what you need to stand out! Try going for one that has actually sparkles in it, because other wise it’s just another shimmery nail polish, and those are so last summer!

So sparkle this winter, with sparkly nail polish

To buy the nail polish shown, go here

Black, so sexy, so perfect, so timeless – wait, what was that? It couldn’t be the fashion world telling me that, what? Plaid’s the new.. black? How can it be? Well with all these cute new clothes, how can’t it be?

I have this shirt, and I get more compliments ever time I wear it!

39.50 at

So cute, and would be great with black tights!

17.80 at

I know what your thinking, "Minidress+winter=cold legs!" but have you not forgotten the wonderful invention tights?

22.99 at

So move over black, plaid’s in now!

Whooooo hoooo! Guess what my fellow bloggers? I just published my 150th post!

Quickly everyone grab your balloons, its time to PARTY!

Quickly everyone grab your balloons, it's time to PARTY!

I want to thank everyone who’s visited my blog, and I would especially like to thank all my blogger buddies and everyone who’s added me to their blogroll. Thank you!  7 months ago I would have never thought I could commit to writing something for this long and well I guess this has proved that I can! So thank you! And expect many more posts to come!

Ta ta for now my friends! ❤

What would you like to see more of in future post?s More fashion? Makeup? Jewelry? Tell me what you would like me to write about, and I promise I will!

Holy shamoly, is this necklace freakin cute or what!?

This beautiful pearl acorn necklac is perfect for any fall outfit.

This beautiful pearl acorn necklace is perfect for any fall outfit.

Now this deal isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s definitely agreeable at $30. You can find this fabulous necklace at ludisigns on Etsy.


Personally I love uggs.  think they’re comfy, cute and fit perfectly into my fall wardrobe of skinny jeans and sweaters. I think they

Let me let you in on a little secret, if your going to buy uggs buy the kinds with zippers, theyre just as cute but last twice as long!

Let me let you in on a little secret, if you're going to buy uggs buy the kinds with zippers, they're just as cute but last twice as long!

look sweet on, but not everyone agrees.

So, what do you think about uggs? Tell me why in comments.

 Check out these sculpertal shoes, would you wear them?

Designer Julian Hakes describes it almost as walking on air.

Designer Julian Hakes describes it almost as "walking on air".

So, what do you think? Would you wear these shoes?                                                                                                     

So, tell me what you think of these shoes in the comments below.

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