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Yesterday I went to the mall. I was cruising around Sephora when I found this,

This is what is looks like.

This is what is looks like.

Cargo Essential Eyeshadow Palette, or as I have named it, Smart Shadow. So what’s so special about this eyeshadow? It tells you were to put it.

Ir your like me, you are, and have always been, eyeshadowly challenged. I never know were to put , what color, or were it goes. But this eyeshadow solves all my problems. It comes with four sepreate colors that you are supposed to apply together to get ‘the look’. But what’s most amazing is that engraved into eack eyeshadow color is were to put it. So one color might be crease , and another one might be lid. Are you in love yet? I am. Plus it comes in three different palettes (warm, cool, and dark) and eack palette is $32. So it might be a little pricey, but it would definately be worth it.

All I can say!

All I can say!

Fake flashes, they’re cool till they fall off. I mean who doesn’t like them, there easy to use (sorta) they always stay put (not really) and they’re cheap.(That’s a lie.) Uh, Oh I think that maybe all those, sorta’s, not really’s, and thats a lie’s might mean there’s a problem, but hey, there cool! You’ve probable tried them before and know that they aren’t always the easiest things to use but their finished look is gorgeous, and I mean G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. But are they worth all the fuss? I took this question to my friends, to let them decide. This is my friend Cece’s answer,”Totally worth it, I would die without them!’but then there’s my friend Jenna’s point of view,”There O.K., but I need at least 20 minutes to get them perfect(she’s a false lash beginner)” So it kind of goes both ways. So what do you think, glam or scam, add comments to tell me what you think? I personally think scam. It takes forever to get them on right, they cost like 7 dollars a pair(for the goods ones), and then you have to throw them out and the end of the night,and it’s like ‘Dang, I could have bought a shirt with the money it cost me to buy those lashes!’. The perfect fix, just use mascara, it’s quick and easy, and most importantly reusable.

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