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YAY! Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it was 70 degrees out yesterday! But before you go out to buy your new spring clothes, you should probably check out these new spring staples.

The gladitor sandle-

Gladitor sandle = HOT. Metalics = HOT. Metalics and Gladitor sandles = SMOLDERING!

This sandle will upgrade your winter look into the perfect spring outfit. It’s easy to drop $1oo+ on these adorable sandles but try places like payless and forever21 first, since they have some very cute shoes. This gorgeos sandle is $22.99 at

The cross shoulder bag-

Cute and pratical! Clutches are adorable but who wants to carry around a clutch all the time? Cross shoulder bags give you all the awesomeness with more comfort. $34.99 at

The embrodered shirts-


 Feminin and sweet, even I just had to buy this top! $24.99 at

  Floral dress-

The detail on the bust makes it sexy, not frumpy.

To keep the florals fresh- not grandma-y- make the floral bright, not faded. $24.50 at

Woven Belts

Great for belting a cute spring short.

Belts can give an outfit that little but of extra, um how do I say this, ommf! $29.50 at

So spring into spring, without having to buy a whole new wardobe.


Now that fall is gone, along with thanksgiving (by the way, you can tell me how yours was in the comment section below!), it’s time to think winter. But uh oh, if your anything like me, you haven’t even been thinking winter at all lately! And the last thing you want is to be wearing last seasons nail polish! But don’t worry you don’t have to freak out, because I’ve already found the perfect nail Milani Nail Lacquer Disco Lights 89 polish color, that will be fabulous all season!

Next time your at the your local drugstore, CVS, or Walmart, pick up a nice sparkly color. “Sparkly?”, you may ask. I thought this winter was all about the dark and drab? But in a sea of dark blues and purple, a nice sparkly color is just what you need to stand out! Try going for one that has actually sparkles in it, because other wise it’s just another shimmery nail polish, and those are so last summer!

So sparkle this winter, with sparkly nail polish

To buy the nail polish shown, go here

Want a great look for day and night? Try golden lined eyes.

It instantly brightens and makes your eyes bigger, but only if you do it right.


  1. First of all find a goldener eyeliner or gold eyeshadow.
  2. If it’s eyeshadow, learn how to turn it it into eyeliner.
  3. Next line you top lids in a thick line that touches your lashes.
  4. Bring the pencil down and line your inner corners, smudging under your eyes.


  1. Follow the first 4 steps.
  2. Take a Burgundy and smudge it into your crease and bring up under your brow bone.
  3. Add mascara.

This look is perfect for any party, or just hanging out over the weekend.

Vanessa loves gold eyeliner!

Vanessa loves gold eyeliner!

So look fresh and pretty with gold eyeliner.

Do you like going bare? (no, i don’t mean nude!) Well I have 10 reasons why you shouldn’t!

  1. Some studies have shown that putting on makeup makes you less clumsy! (You’d have to be a fricken’ acrobat not to need that!)
  2. It makes you prettier, I don’t care if bare is in, a little makeup never hurt anyone.
  3. It can make you more confident (even though notice else but you can see that microscopic pimple!)
  4. It can help get you noticed, I mean who doesn’t notice the girl in the neon green eyeshadow?
  5. It can make boys like you, I know it’s shallow but it works.
  6. It can help your skin (Bye bye wrinkles!)
  7. Bronzer is a great alternative to tanning, so technically makeup helps you stay skin cancer free.
  8. Keeps your lips from being chapped, I mean come on, you doesn’t love a great moisturizing gloss?
  9. Makeup parties are a great activity for a girls night in, you just can’t go wrong.
  10. And last but not least, makeup can make you feel more beautiful, and that’s all that matters in the end.

So rock that makeup, and know why you should.

I have outlast lipstain, and all I can say is holy moly.

I have outlast lipstain, and all I can say is holy moly.

Want to know what to wear on your lips this fall? You can push y0ur gloss and lipstick to the bottom of your makeup drawer, because lipstain is the lip product of choice. But not just any color lip stain, try cherry.

Yes, I’m talking about lipstain, but if you want to rock lipstain you need to learn the secrets of the trade. First of all, lipstain never goes on even, it leaves blotchy dark spots, and weird light spots. To avoid this rub your lipstain in after you apply it, and remember to check in the mirror before you go out to save from stained skin too. Secondly make sure you pick a good lipstain to avoid rub off. Try out last lipstain. I wore it at a the beach this summer and it lasted through dinner and swimming. Wow is right. But the perfect color for this fall is cherry. Make it darker in the middle of lips and gently lighten it out from there.

So wear it right this summer with cheery lipstain.

So wear it right this fall, with lipstain.

Who needs store bought lip gloss hen you can make your own!

Who needs store bought lip gloss hen you can make your own!

Ever wanted to be able to make your own lip gloss? Well now it’s possible, and it’s even easy!

You will need, 1 handful of rasberries/strawberries, 1 tube of chapstick.

Follow these simple instructions to get the perfect lipgloss.

  1. Mash up about 5 or six rasberries or strawberries in a small bowl.
  2. Take out your tube of chapstick and wind it until almost all of it’s out.
  3. Place the chapstick and the rasberries in a bowl, mix.
  4. Now just place as much as needed on your lips and you’ll have a natural and moisterising lip gloss.

So gloss it up, or even better DIY it up.

Summer’s over, and now that fall’s here we have to kick some accessories out the window. But as they say, out with the old, and in with the new, and big statement rings are now definitely the new. “Statement rings? “, you might be thinking? They’re those big bright, edible looking rings, and they’re all the rage this fall. Let me show you some examples.

Rihannas rocking statement rings (and statement earrings, those hoops are HUGE)

Rihanna's rocking statement rings (and statement earrings, I mean those hoops are HUGE).

But you don’t need to be a pop star to wear statement rings, here are some  more affordable options.
This ring is not only beutiful and classy, its sure to make a statement too!

This ring is not only beautiful and classy, it's sure to make a statement too!

$4 dollars at Charlotte Ruse.
This ring looks so good I just want to eat it.

This ring looks so good I just want to eat it.

$4.00 dollars at Charlotte Russe.

This ring is perfdct for you sweeter days, but it still adds a bit of edge.

This ring is perfect for your sweater days, but it still adds a bit of edge.

$4.00 dollars at Charlotte Russe.

So look good this fall, without breaking the bank.

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