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Shine sprays are great because they can make your hair wonderfully

This is the best shine spray I have ever in my life used.

shiny. But they can also be a pain because when they don’t make your hair shiny, they make it greasy. When I saw a commercial for Ice products by Pantene I knew I just had to try this one.

Normally when I put on shine spray┬áI put a pea sized drop on my finger and use that on my whole head. What I love about this spray is that I can spray it all over my head and not have greasy or weighed down hair. Another thing I love about this shine spray is how nice it makes my hair smell! The one problem that there is with this spray is that it can make hair a little chunky if you don’t brush your hair out after you use it.


  • Smells great.
  • Gives great shine.
  • Makes hair soft and tangle free.
  • Isn’t greasy.


  • Can make hair a little dry at the ends.

All in all I’d give this shine spray 5 out of 5 stars.



Want beautiful shine, glossy hair? Well, duh, who doesn’t! But how to actually get it, that’s the hard part. And even once you

Shabam! Now thats shiny!

Shabam! Now that's shiny!

figure out how to get glossy hair, it end up costing like a hundred, cabillion dollars! Okay so maybe I exaggerated that a little but common, going to the salon once a week and blow drying your hair everyday is not only expensive, but bad for your hair. So how to you get shine without spending a dime? Just change up your shower routine a bit.

When I wake up in the morning I hate getting out of the shower, especially in the winter. It’s just so hot and cozy in there, and so cold and icy outside, you can’t really blame me can you? But this trick makes it a little easier to get out of the shower on those icy days. To get beautiful shiny hair just turn your shower to cold right before you get out. It closes up the hair cuticle making your hair less frizzy, and more shiny. Tada!

So get beautiful shiny hair, without going broke!

Summer is like a face peel for your hair. Not fun. The heat and sun makes hair dry and

The slick look is hotter then hot. To make it even hotter twist a peice of hair aroung the base of the ponytail (like shown in this picture) and pin.

The slick look is hotter then hot. To make it even hotter twist a piece of hair around the base of the ponytail (like shown in this picture) and pin.

brittle. And you want to wear cute hair styles but when you do your hair turns into a disaster after words. So how can you look cute and have healthy hair? You make a slick backed ponytail.

The ponytail is extra good for your hair because you slick it back with conditioner. Just like the heat makes your hair dry, if you add conditioner it makes your hair healthy. The heat bakes in the conditioner, so when you leave it in you hair in the hot sun, it ‘bakes’ it into your hair.

To make it put a little bit of deep, heavy conditioner in your hair and then make a tight ponytail. Now, put a little conditioner in your hands and rub your hands together. Now, run your hands over your hair to slick it back a little more. Top it off with a fabulous headband and (bam!) you have a cute and good-for-your-hair hairstyle.

Do you love to straighten your hair? I know I do! But could straightening your hair lead to breaking? And I’m talking about (gulp!) big chunks, not just split ends here. (Straightening addicts look away!) yes. But there is hope, don’t throw away your straight iron yet! You can straighten your hair without losing it, but you have to be careful.

Following the tips below will make your hair, healthy, shiny, soft, and most importantly, break free. First of all, don’t straighten (or curl) your hair everyday, the messy look is in, use it to your advantage. Also you should use nourishing conditioners and shampoos, like my favorite, Herbal Essence Hydralicious self targeting condition and shampoo. And even though it sounds kind of gross, don’t shower once a week. If you shower everyday you can strip your hair of essential oils, making it dry, brittle, and giving it a higher chance of breaking.

Lastly, periodically before you take a shower, take some olive oil from the kitchen, rub it between your hands and coat your hair, leave it in for ten minutes and wash thoroughly (it’s like a spa treatment for your hair, without the spa price!) If you follow those tips it will keep your hair strong, straight, and wonderfully attached.

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