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Now that fall is gone, along with thanksgiving (by the way, you can tell me how yours was in the comment section below!), it’s time to think winter. But uh oh, if your anything like me, you haven’t even been thinking winter at all lately! And the last thing you want is to be wearing last seasons nail polish! But don’t worry you don’t have to freak out, because I’ve already found the perfect nail Milani Nail Lacquer Disco Lights 89 polish color, that will be fabulous all season!

Next time your at the your local drugstore, CVS, or Walmart, pick up a nice sparkly color. “Sparkly?”, you may ask. I thought this winter was all about the dark and drab? But in a sea of dark blues and purple, a nice sparkly color is just what you need to stand out! Try going for one that has actually sparkles in it, because other wise it’s just another shimmery nail polish, and those are so last summer!

So sparkle this winter, with sparkly nail polish

To buy the nail polish shown, go here

Before I begin my post I would like to say this idea was given to me via one of my comments, so comment! Tell me what you would like to know! Ask questions, make suggestions, anything goes (as long as it’s not mean of course)! 

Sick and tired of plain, nail-polish-less  toes? Don’t want to pick the wrong color (even though removing it is easy)? Who isn’t? But which color’s the best? Hmmm…

Guess what? There are 2 ‘best colors’!

  1. The first ‘best color’ is something you might not expect, baby blue. But not shimmery, mermaid-y blue, matte almost-frosty blue. It’s a great base for designs, and looks great on short as well as long nails. Plus it works year-round, so you don’t have to switch out nail polishes if you’re feeling lazy.

     2. The second ‘best’ nail color is also light. It’s light, slightly beige, matte  pink. Matte colors are very in this fall, and this pink is no different. It also works great for fingers. (So does the blue.)

So get ready for fabulous toes, because now you know which colors are the best.

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