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Hate when your applying mascara and then -whoops!- you slip and

Next time your applying mascara and get it on your skin, don't freak! It comes off in seconds once it's dry.

get mascara under your eye? Don’t rush to clean it up just yet, it turns out waiting a little bit can help.

When mascara is still wet trying to get it off your skin can just make it worse, it can smudge it everywhere! But once mascara is dry it becomes flacky and by just rubbing it with your sleeve (that’s what i dp for quick public fix-ups) it easly comes off.

So keep your skin mascara free, with this little tip.


Feeling like you need a pretty boost? Well I have a tip that makes your lips bigger and your eyes bigger in under 10 seconds

Just some eyeshadow here and there, and bam, you could be a model!

Just take out some gold or white eyeshadow (depending on your skin tone, if your lighter skinned go for white eyeshadow, if your skin is darker go for gold), and pat a little on your cupids bow (that part of your top lip that dips down) and the inner corners of each eye, so its touching the sides of your nose. Gasp, when did a supermodel get here! 😉

Have you ever heard people say stuff like ” You can’t wear  that makeup, it doesn’t work with your eye color” or something along the lines of that? It’s not true. You can wear whatever you want, as long as you like it, it doesn’t matter.  It is true that some eyeshadows can make your eyes look greener, or bluer, or browner, but you don’t have to wear those colors. So that is one makeup myth debunked!

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