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I love the holidays! But what I don’t love is the “gift look”. Yes you’ve all seen, the look where they say “omg, I love it soooooo much!”, but where you you know they want to throw it off the empire state building. Well I’m setting out to keep that look from happening, at least to you, with these universally-loved holiday gifts.

For the makeup lover-

blue mascara

Blue mascara

Blue mascara the perfect gift for any makeup loving friend. I tried it on while browsing through sephora, and I love, love, love! I’d be happy if I got it for Christmas!
Buy some here.

For the guy in your life –

gym membership card

Gym membership

Buy your guy a gym membership, or if he already has one, buy yourself one to the same gym! Nothing brings you to closer then working for the same goal, to be as fit as you can be!

Buy at any local gym.

For your mom-

Cashmere sweater

Get a cozy sweater for a more then cozy price. J C penney has V-neck cashmere sweaters for $19.99-$22.99.

Buy them here.

For your children-

Any child will be more then amused with custom m&ms. I mean come on, it’s candy, and it’s cool!

Buy them here.

So avoid the dreaded “gift look”, with my amazing gifts!


Recently I went to my local CVS and because my old mascara was past it’s prime I decided I’d wing it and buy a new mascara.

Wowza, look at that brush!

Wowza, look at that brush!

From the title I think you can tell what it is was but I’l tell you anyways, it was Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum’ Express.  It was pretty cheap (7.49) so I thought what the hay, extra bonus was the super cute bottle!

After getting home and I putting it on, and the first thing I noticed was that this mascara was BLACK. Like midnight no stars or moon black. So it’s definitely a night mascara. Second thing I noticed was how full and long my lashes were looking, they were huge! The last thing I noticed? The flakes on my lashes and the rub off. At the end of the day I came home to find big smudges under my eyes, so not cool.


  • Dramatic, perfect for night.
  • Adds so much volume and length.
  • Smells like… nothing.
  • Cute bottle 😉


  • Dramatic, too black for day.
  • Leaves flakes on my lashes.
  • Rubs off easily.
  • Difficult to take off.

*** 3 out of 5 stars.

Should you  buy this product- If you want drama, the Yes.

I love mascara, but my problem is I want to change my looks for different days, some days natural, and some days dramatic. But my problem is I don’t want to buy a bunch of different mascaras, I just want 1. And now I do. How is that possible? Because you mascara isn’t what makes your lashes look natural or dramatic, it’s how you apply it.

To create volume, take your mascara brush and place it at the bottom lashes. Then wiggle it up and away a couple times, until you have as much or as little mascara as you want. To create length swivel your brush around until the tip is pointing towards you eye and then gently press it against the tips of lashes. I now it sounds a little dangerous for clumsier people like me, but really, it’s not very hard. And lastly, to create a natural look place the mascara wand in the middle of your lashes and gently move up.

So rock all different types of lashes, without spending a billion bucks.

I have had this blog for slightly over two months now, and I thought it was time for a video. So rejoice this is the first ever video on this blog!

Did you notice how big the lashes were? Well I’ll let you in on a secret. Some of the time in a commercial the models selling the mascara have fake lashes on underneath! I’m not saying that this product does (Cover Girl, if you are reading this, I have no idea if you are faking it or not) but just watch out. So if you get a mascara home and it doesn’t make your lashes look nearly as big as the ones in the commercial, now you know why.



Did you already know this beauty secret? Or are you shocked? Tell!

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