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Want a great look for day and night? Try golden lined eyes.

It instantly brightens and makes your eyes bigger, but only if you do it right.


  1. First of all find a goldener eyeliner or gold eyeshadow.
  2. If it’s eyeshadow, learn how to turn it it into eyeliner.
  3. Next line you top lids in a thick line that touches your lashes.
  4. Bring the pencil down and line your inner corners, smudging under your eyes.


  1. Follow the first 4 steps.
  2. Take a Burgundy and smudge it into your crease and bring up under your brow bone.
  3. Add mascara.

This look is perfect for any party, or just hanging out over the weekend.

Vanessa loves gold eyeliner!

Vanessa loves gold eyeliner!

So look fresh and pretty with gold eyeliner.


I have tons of eyeshadow, but only one eyeliner. It was really annoying because sometimes I just want maybe blue eyeliner,

Turn your gold eyeshadow into gold eyeliner!

Turn your gold eyeshadow into gold eyeliner!

or even better gold! But I didn’t want to buy an eyeliner for every time I have a different whim. So how did I fix that? A little water of course!

No didn’t drink the water, I mixed it! Just put a little dab of water on your hand, a little bit of eyeshadow, then you can either use an angle brush (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) or a colored pencil to apply to your eyelids. Don’t apply it in one big stroke though, use a bunch of short strokes to make it all the way across your lid. Just remember not to apply to your inner lids because it’s really not meant to be there, and can irritate.

So make the old, wonderfully new!

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