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One Tip For Beautiful Hair

Posted on: November 19, 2009

Everyone wants pretty hair. But not everyone has it. Here is 1 (yes only 1!) simple yet awesome tip to make your

By conditioning from the ends up you help close the cuticle, which controls frizz, and helps grow longer healthier hair.

hair shine.

What you need to do is condition from the ends up. Yes, I know some of you already know this but it works. And if you don’t know this its the perfect tip to impress your family this holiday season.

When you condition from the ends up it helps your ends, and since your ends are the oldest part of your hair it gets rid of some parts that may look matted and knotty. Also when you condition, you don’t want to get too much conditioner on your scalp because it can irritate the skin on the top of your head and give you dry skin and dandruff.

So show off that shine because now you too can have pretty hair.



2 Responses to "One Tip For Beautiful Hair"

I don’t even put conditioner on my scalp. I feel like it makes it greasy!

i only do if im doing a deep conditioning treatment, but i normally dont since i like big bouncy volume, haha

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