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Olive oil… face wash.

Posted on: November 7, 2009

I absolutely love olive oil. It gets rid of makeup, tastes fabulous on bread, and now it even cleanses my face! I know everyone’s a little skeptical of this, I was too! I mean come on, it oil! But after like a week of research and how my skin failed to break out after I started using it as as a makeup remover, I decided to give it a try.

You don't need a fancy price tag to make your olive oil face wash work it's magic, just rub on a litte bit of extra virgin oil from your local grocier store.

The results are AMAZING. It started clearing up my skin in like 3 days. I’ve even used it as a pimple treater. I put it on at night, rub it in,  and bam, my skin looks 10 times better in the morning. Now there is one problem with olive oil. It tends not to clean my nose at all. It was like the more it cleared up my cheeks and forehead, the more icky my nose got. So how did I solve this? After I wash my face with olive oil I take all of it off and then apply a little bit of rice water to my nose. Problem solved.

Oh, and when you apply the olive oil put it on when your in the shower right after you put conditioner in your hair. Close the shower door and turn it up hot so it steams, that will help open up your pores so the olive oil can really work it’s magic and help it get rid of blackheads.

So look and feel absuloutly radient, with olive oil.


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