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All natural makeup remover, olive oil.

Posted on: October 17, 2009

Olive oil, dip bread in it, cook things in it, make salad dressing out of it, … use it to remove your makeup?

Not only is olive oil yummy, its also a great makeup remover.

Not only is olive oil yummy, it's also a great makeup remover.

Yes it’s true, olive oil does remove makeup wonderfully, better then my cleanser, and warm water. But won’t it clog your pores and make you break out? I mean it is oil. Surprisingly, it doesn’t, well as long as you wash it off. Just use it before you wash your face every night, rub it in a little, then wash it off with your favorite cleanser. Tada beautiful skin, in fact I think the olive oil might even be making my skin better. Yes the oil is making my skin softer, and tons more radiant.

So wash off all that makeup, and let your skin glow.


5 Responses to "All natural makeup remover, olive oil."

Wow..thanks for the tip. Should I use EVOO or just regular olive oil? I am scared my face would be one big giant zit. I know it doesnt clog pores but it is just my luck I would be one big pimple!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my cake

I don’t think it will clog your pores, olive oil actually cleans. EVOO is best but regular olive oil woks fine, well it works for me at least! 🙂 Thanks for commenting too!

Who knew? I’ll have to try this!

Im new to cleansing oils, have only used and tried one! Might give this a shot tonight!

You totally should! It gets off waterproof mascara so fast!

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