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Green clay, the natural zit eraser.

Posted on: September 4, 2009

We all know that feeling, you wake up on an important day (whether it’s a business meeting, a new job, or even the first day of

This is the green clay I use.

This is the green clay I use.

school), got lots of sleep the night before, go to put on your favorite mascara and then, kapow, you notice. A giant monster of a zit, so big it looks like it’s eating your face. Let the freaking out begin. But wait! You don’t need to freak out as long as you have this magical zit buster, green clay.

Yes, green clay. But don’t just head over to your nearest pottery store, this is special green clay. It comes in a powder (I like this version by Burt’s Bee’s), and when mixed with a little bit of water, it’s ready to put on. It may smell a little weird at first, but once it dries you can’t smell a thing, and it dries VERY quickly. It kills bacteria, so it also works for cuts, skin infections, and most importantly, zits.

So don’t freak out, grab some green clay and you’re good to go.

1 Response to "Green clay, the natural zit eraser."

SMART! i luv burts bees.

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