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Where to find the skinniest jeans, EVER.

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Love skinny jeans? Never seem to find jeans that are skinny enough for you? Same here. But I have found them! Jeans so skinny,I was left sitting



on the floor of the changing room trying to pull the bottoms of them over my feet. But were did I find these skinny jeans? It may be a store you normally wouldn’t try…

Delia’s! I found them at Delia’s! You may think this store is just for tweens and teens, but just because you don’t like their shirts doesn’t mean that they’re jeans don’t fit. They actually have plenty of sizes. If you are lucky enough to be a 00, they have those, and all the way up to a 19. And if your worried about super dooper skinny jeans, they also have just regular skinny jeans, but don’t worry, even the regular skinny jeans are still plenty skinny. Here’s and example of their super skinny jeans, and here’s and example of their regular skinny jeans.

So wear skinny jeans, because now you know where to find them!

3 Responses to "Where to find the skinniest jeans, EVER."

hi lovely,

thanks for all the comments! i added the lemon trick from your other post to mine since it seemed to fit well considering i was talking about nail stains lol
teamwork baby! ❤
how have you been. how long were you in NY for? where the heck do you live? haha
you don't have to tell me if you dont want to. lol

hey tanymams! I was in NY for 4 days and it was awesome! And I’ve been pretty darn great, exept my kitty’s been feeling a little sick lately. And I live on mars lol.

i think a place to find really skinny jeans is PACSUN! p.s. u should wear the shirt u got there more often

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