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The hottest new lip color… mango!

Posted on: August 19, 2009

I was in Sephora recently when a friend of mine pointed out a lipstick. It was labeled mango, and it was fabulous.

I know what you’re thinking “orange lips? You’ll look like you got freaky with a bag of Cheetos!” OK, maybe you guys aren’t thinking exactly that but you get the point. But orange this isn’t neon orange (or in other words Cheetos colored) it’s slightly pinkish, and more then slightly awesome.

I just absalutly love orange lipstick!

I just absolutely love orange lipstick!

See, orange lipstick isn’t so scary! But it’s not plain boring pink either. Worried you’ll look stupid wearing it? The trick to wearing orange lipstick right is to not pretend you’re not wearing it, or be totally aware and self conscience either. Wear it like you know you’re wearing it, and know you look good in it (even if you don’t think you do!).

So rock that orange lipstick, and watch the heads turn.

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1 Response to "The hottest new lip color… mango!"

this would be so bad on my skintone lol but ya i see how its trendy šŸ™‚

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