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One DIY scrub that I’m in LOVE with.

Posted on: August 9, 2009

Want a scrub that gives you smooth, soft, yummy smelling skin? Don’t want to spend 20 bucks in the

Ready, set, scrub!

Ready, set, scrub!

process? Yep, me too. But were can you find a scrub like that? Nope, you don’t have to spend hours online looking for it, just walk into your kitchen.

Your kitchen? Sounds too good to be true. But with a few household items, brown sugar, olive oil, vanilla, and a couple other things you can be scrub-ified in no time.

  1. First item, brown sugar. Who new something could be so yummy and so good for your skin. It’s less harsh then normal sugar, and better smelling, plus it  melts with water so it’s impossible to over scrub. Take around 2 cup for you whole body.
  2. Second item, olive oil. Olive oil is a great moisturizer and will leave your skin baby soft. Mix in about 1-1 1/2 table spoons.
  3. Third item, vanilla. Mix in as much as wanted, I suggest 2 drops.The soul purpose of this is the smell. Mmmm, mmm!
  4. This item is optional, a couple drops of lemon, or lemon extract. Once again the purpose is mainly for the smell.

What I like the best after using this scrub? The smell! I end up smelling like warm cookies. Yummy!


1 Response to "One DIY scrub that I’m in LOVE with."

haha we both on the dame day posted the same thing almost!

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