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Oreos the new (can it be?) diet food

Posted on: July 21, 2009

I’m going to tell you a story, and I’d like you to point out what was wrong with it. Here we go!



Jillian got home form work one day and wanted a nice, healthy, yummy snack. Jillian walks to her kitchen and looks in her freezer and pulls out an Oreo. Perfect.

Do you know whats wrong? No, its not that oreos aren’t healthy snacks. Wait, oreos are healthy snacks? This is going to need some discussing! (And if you still want to know what was wrong with the sentence, it was that she had her oreos in the freezer. Yes, I know it’s stupid but hey, no one keeps oreos in the freezer.)

Oreos as healthy snacks, sounds weird right? But it is true. An average normal oreo cookie has 50 calories. A little bit more that your average cheese and cracker. Now I’m not saying they have any nutritional value (the best thing they have is 1 gram of dietary fiber) but they are pretty low on calories verse other cookies. Like the average Pepperidge farm soft baked chocolate chunk cookie has around 160 calories versus an Oreo cookie at 50 calories. Yeah.

So grab an Oreo (but don’t forget your apples!) and dig in, because Oreos (in moderation) are healthy.


2 Responses to "Oreos the new (can it be?) diet food"

Omg this is my new favorite blog! ❤
and thanks for the comment!
so sweet!
anyhoo I will add you to my blogroll! Anyone who tells me that I can eat oreos is a blogroll entry to me!


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