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The crop top, the new (old) trend

Posted on: July 4, 2009

 Crop tops. Originally popular in the early 80’s and then again in the mid 90’s these short shirts are making a

If your feeling self concious try layoring your crop top. Youll get all the ege, without all the skin.

If your feeling self concious try layoring your crop top. You'll get all the ege, without all the skin.

comeback, right here, in 2009. But are they, these 80 style shirts really fashionable for the chic and modern age of now? And if they are chic, how do you wear one? I’m here to answer that.

Crop tops are chic, but only when worn right. Plus, if your belly is anything less then perfect*, of if you are over 30, there is a high chance of you looking sloppy, grungy, and an all over don’t. But if you do have a flat stomach and are 30 or under, you can pull them off, if you follow some simple rules.

Rule number 1. When wearing a crop top always wear low rise jeans. This creates a young look; high jeans give more of a grandma-y look.

Rule number 2. Make sure your jeans fit. If they’re too tight you’ll end up with the dreaded muffin top effect, even if you’re not fat! Plus, since you midsection will be exposed, even a slight bit of squeeze  will cause a noticeable pudginess. But, make sure your jeans aren’t too loose. Constantly having to pull up your jeans isn’t too hot either.

Rule number 3. Make sure your crop top is snug. Big, compfy T-shirts are great, but not as a belly shirts. If your shirt is loose, you’ll look like your top is just way too small.

Easy, right? So, where can you find these flirty shirts? Amazon. They have tons of different styles for very wallet friendly prices.


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