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My new favorite shirt (even better, it’s only $11.99!)

Posted on: July 2, 2009

I went shopping yesterday and decided to stop in a store I didn’t normally shop in, Gap Woman. I don’t

Isnt wonderful? I wear mine as a dress, could have gotton it a size smaller, but I acually like it better as a dress.

Isn't wonderful? I love the versatility of it. I like to belt it at the waist and then pull the fabric so it flows over the belt (sorry, the look is hard to explain), and I also like to belt it so it looks like a baby doll dress.

normally shop there because I am still young (no flirty thirty for me!) and prefer quirkier stores like Delias and Wet Seal. But I thought,”what the heck, it couldn’t be that bad” and decided to check it out. As soon as I entered I was surprised at all the cute clothes they had and (like always) snatched anything that caught my eye. I got a couple T-shirts, one cardigan, a V-neck, and (here comes the important part!) a very cute blue frock.  I only had 19 bucks (originally 20 but chocolate got the best of me *blushes*) and I didn’t want to spend all of it. I loved everything I had tried on but after seeing the prices on everything but the frock I was a little less then thrilled, my 19 wasn’t going to cut. I unwillingly looked down at the price and… it was only $11.99! Joy! Of course I bought it and am currently wearing it (talk about compfy!)

At the online Gap store (product listed as gathered long tank, to see a picture of it click here) it is listed as $17.99 , but check your local gap, the price will probably have been taken down to $11.99. I got mine in turquoise joy, but there are 4 colors to choose from so if blue doesn’t float your boat, don’t worry.

Comment!                                                                                                     Do you like it? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you already own it? Tell!

3 Responses to "My new favorite shirt (even better, it’s only $11.99!)"

i need help finding a hot new store that is semi cheap….. i really need pj pants

i would like to disagree. i do not find that shirt flattering at all. as for cheap clothes, i recommend going to papaya. I found a puffy pencil skirt there last week for $6 (yes, six dollars). I paired it with a really cute and quirky white shirt. amazing.

As a shirt it CAN be flattering but I find it MUCH more flattering as a dress. I got my size a bit large so it draped wonderfully. Also you can belt it which makes it VERY cute. I also like to wear it with a high wasted pencil skirt and tuck it in. I have never been to papaya but now that you mention you got a skirt there for $6 dollars (you lucky duck!) so I think I might will have to try it.

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