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How to get rid of dry skin (for good!)

Posted on: June 30, 2009

Summer means long, smooth legs, not dry, flaky legs. But sometimes it’s hard to get rid of dry skin. I’ll put moisturizer on before I go to bed, and in the morning my legs will be as dry as the desert.

Moisterized, touchable legs are all that this summer.

Moisturized, touchable legs are all that this summer.

So I turned into a moisturizing cream junkie, but even after spending over 70 bucks on the most all-natural, ultimately moisturizing cream I could find, my legs were still dry after a couple of hours. But I have recently discovered how to keep my legs soft and smooth and summer worthy.

Expensive moisturizing creams aren’t the answer, it’s the technique that counts. After bathing, before anything else, apply moisturizer straight to your legs or anywhere else you want moisturized. Hot water opens up your pores so when you apply moisturizer, it doesn’t only sit on the surface of your skin, it goes in deep moisturizing skin from the inside out. This not only moisturizes your skin, it breaks the cycle of dry skin so it doesn’t come back.

So take a shower and feel the power – the power of soft, moisturized skin.


3 Responses to "How to get rid of dry skin (for good!)"

What about wet-ish sand at the beach, would that help?

I guess if you mean exfoliating with wet-ish sand, then sure, exfoliating always helps get rid of dry skin. But if you do exfoliate using wet sand at the beach, I suggest you take a shower afterwards because the salt in the ocean water would dry skin out.

Defiantly wash it off afterwords!! 🙂

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