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I tried it! Strawberry facial mask.

Posted on: June 14, 2009

Yesterday I went and I picked some fresh strawberries. I ate until I thought my stomach would

Who new that strawberries were not only a good food, but a good face mask.

Who knew that strawberries were not only a good food, but a good face mask?

explode, but there were still some strawberries left over. So what to do? I thought ‘oh well, I’ll eat them tomorrow’. So this morning I went down to my car to get the berries but when I found them, they weren’t looking so yummy anymore. But then I had an idea, I could make a strawberry facial mask! After 10 minutes of surfing the web for a good one I found it.

You mash up 8 strawberries, add I tsp of olive oil, then 8-20 drops of lemon juice, and finally 2 tsp of honey. After mixing it up you put it on your face for 5 minutes and (ta da!) you have your facial mask. Sounds easy right? Not so right. First of all, strawberries stain which the recipe neglected to tell you. So, take off your shirt bef0re you make  the mask. Second of all, this mask drips like crazy and  as you all know, strawberries stain. So I suggest applying and removing this mask in your bathroom or outside. But on the bright side my skin does feel softer and smoother, and the mask smells great and tastes great (yum!) so the mask was (kind of) a success.

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