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Inside cardio Vs. Outside cardio.

Posted on: June 7, 2009

Inside cardio. Outside cardio. Both healthy, both heart pumping cardio, but, which one’s better? I have been confused by this question for  a while. Inside cardio is so convenient, but outside is so fresh. Inside cardio can

See what I mean, outside cardio is prettier.

See what I mean, outside cardio is prettier.

change up with a channel switch, but outside cardio is so pretty and actually can get you some where. So which one to choose? I think outside cardio.


I think outside cardio because the fresh air keeps people accelerated. When you’re inside a room it can get hot and stuffy, so you get uncomfortable faster.

I also think outside cardio because it isn’t boring. When you are running or biking outside you are constantly seeing new things and new people, and even if you run the same path everyday everything will always be a little bit different, whether it’s a bird singing or just the weather. When you’re inside the scene isn’t really changing that much, you’re in the same room looking at the same things. SO over all I think outside cardio is the best choice, but inside cardio has it’s ups too.

When you’re inside the weather doesn’t matter. Plus you can watch the T.V. while you’re working. (Hello Oprah!) You can also do inside cardio from the moment you get out of bed. Nobody’s going to see you so you can just throw on some sweats and get working.

And why I’m I writing this? I’m writing this because yesterday I went on the most amazing off road bike ride, and even though I was swearing in my head every time I went over a root, it was a great experience. It’s impossible to have that much fun running on a treadmill.  So grab your bike and your sneakers and get outside, because outside cardio is fun and healthy.


Comment!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Do you love inside cardio? Or are you an outside freak? Tell!

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