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Doll lips?

Posted on: June 6, 2009

Have you seen the crazy new lips that some ladies have been sporting recently? Well they’re crazy! But I kind of like them. And considered how many people I’ve  seen them on, a lot of people like them too. But they are weird, so I want to know what you think. Here’s a demonstration of what they look like.

See how the lips are drawn on? And if this girl looks pale its because shes ment to look like a doll.

See how the lips are drawn on? And if this girl looks pale it's because she's meant to look like a doll.

After seeing how fabulous some girls look in these, I decided to try them. First thing I discovered is that this look only works with smooth lips. So after rubbing my chapped ones down I puckered up and began drawing. My best advice is, be careful while your drawing because once you mess up, you either have to deal with it or start over. After about 3 try’s I got it perfect – but I still wouldn’t want to wear them out of the house.

Here’s how to make them. Smudge your favorite foundation on your lips until they blend into your face. One it’s vertically impossible to tell that you even have lips, take your favorite lip liner and draw on doll lips. If you don’t have lip liner just use your favorite lip stick. But I suggest you have yor friends approve it first before wearing it out.


Comment! Do you like them? Do you love them? Have you worn them before? Or do you hate them? I’m still moteratly confused with these so do you have any tips?

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