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The 5 rules or flirting.

Posted on: May 20, 2009

So, I know that most of my post are about makeup and fashion but I  figured that because summer was coming up, and it is after all, the season of dating, that I should share with you a couple of flirting. So listen up!

Have you ever wondered how to flirt? It’s actually a lot easier then it seems. But if you want to flirt right, you’ve got to know how. And uh, if you haven’t gotten it already, this post will show you how.

  • Smile. If you like a guy, smile. It makes the guy think that you’re a happy well rounded person, and that will make a guy like you. If you frown, you look like you aren’t accessible to a guy, and therefore he won’t ask you out.
  • Wink. A naughty wink form across the room; hotter then hot. It shows a guy that you’re into him and ready to be have fun and be wild. If a guy doesn’t come over and talk after that, he’s not interested. Or really, really shy.
  • Make eye contact! This is the most important thing a girl can do! Without eye contact no one will know that your interested, they’ll just think that your just another cute girl. But don’t stare them down, here’s how it should be done,   Smile, look up at him, stare straight into his eyes (don’t be afraid while doing this, it will make this tip totally not worthwhile) for 5 seconds or until the moment ends, then look down real quick and shyly. If he keeps trying to catch your eye repeat the steps above, and if you’re daring, wink.
  • Be confident! If you’re on a date, stare right into his eyes and say what’s on your mind. Heck, take him to an amusement park and drag him on to the biggest roller coaster there is! This will show him that you’re brave, not needy, and will stand up for what you believe in (and if you believe in him, that makes things even better). And if you’re not the bravest girl in the world, you’ll be happy with the next tip!
  • Be shy. Smile your cute little smile, look up from behind your eyelashes, giggle, the works. You will look cute and accessible so a guy won’t be afraid or intimidated, so he won’t be shy to ask you out again. Just remember to get more outgoing on each date. A girl that’s too shy can get boring.

Try these little tips everywhere you go, the coffee shop, the beach, etc., and who knows, you might just end up with the perfect summer romance. 😉


Got any dating tips or advice? Tell us, and tell the world.


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