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How To Choose Your Clothes

Posted on: May 8, 2009

Have you ever chosen a shirt or dress, and then half a week later realised you didn’t like it? Well, it sucks when you do, and it wastes money, which in these times, is not the smartest thing a girl can do.  I have found rules to avoid this problem and I believe they work.

if your clothes dont fit, get new clothes. Just because your wearing a size 4 doesnt mean your not a size 5.

If your clothes don't fit, get new clothes. Just because you're wearing a size 4 doesn't mean your not a size 5.

  • Choose your clothes like you choose your men, make sure they’re trusty, flattering, and kind to your body.
  • When you buy a shirt, dress, or pair of pants, think of all the things in your wardrobe you could wear it with. If the list is under 5, don’t buy it.
  • Make sure that you like what your going to buy. If you’re going shopping with friends, it can be hard not to but the dress when they say “OMG, that dress is soooo cute! I will die if you don’t buy it’ but only buy it if you want it.
  • Make sure the clothes really fit you. Don’t just buy it if you you like, make sure you like it on you. No matter how cute it may be on the rack, that does not give you permission to buy it.
  • This doesn’t have to do with buying clothes, but it does have to do with saving money. Every 7 years or so, instead of buying new clothes or going around in unflattering clothes, take your clothes to a seamstress and have them refitted.

So, now you have 5 new rules on choosing better clothes, do you want to go shopping? Well, now that  you know these rules, you can.


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