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DIY facial.

Posted on: April 24, 2009

This will make your skin soft and incredable smooth.

My treatment will leave your skin soft and incredibly smooth.

Facial are an essential part of keeping your face clean and glowing, but they are costly (what isn’t these days?) and some can hurt like face peels. So I have discovered the perfect DIY (do it yourself) facial.

First, take a shower, feeling clean and beautiful makes the whole experience nicer. Also the steam in the shower helps open up your pores so they can release dirt and grime that can cause pimples.

After getting out of the shower run a wash cloth under hot water and rub the wash cloth on your face, this also helps to open up pores.

After applying the washcloth use a facial scrub. You can easily make one by putting honey (if you can, use Manuka honey, it has special healing properties) and sugar into a bowl and mixing, easy as pie, right? Then put the scrub on your face and move your hands in slow circular movements, this opens the pores and takes out all the dirt and washes it away.

Wash the scrub off with warm water. After the scrub completely washes off, take a handful of honey (once again, preferable Manuca honey) and put it evenly on to your face. This soothes skin that might have been irritated by the scrub and also moisturizes. Leave the honey on for at least 30 minutes. My favorite pastime during this is to paint my nails, that way when  your completely finished with your facial, you’ll have beautiful nails too.

Only paint your toenails, because if you paint your nails you might rub off the polish when removing  the honey. I find that after this whole experience my skin is left soft and surprisingly smooth, and that I am also calm and relaxed. This treatment is perfect for a night in with friends  or a mother/daughter bonding experience.

2 Responses to "DIY facial."

Steam showers must do a great job on releasing the dirt from your face?

They do. But not by them self. If you want to use steam to your advantage, you need to scrub your face after words.

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