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3 recession worthy rules.

Posted on: April 19, 2009

hese rules and youll leave with a full shopping bag, and a full wallet.

Follow these rules and you'll leave with a full shopping bag, and a full wallet.

Attention all shopaholics! I have some rules that will help you survive this recession! (without dieing in the process) I know that everyone has said that they were going to cut back, but actually cutting back, that was the hard part. My body works in a certain way (don’t worry it’s nothing weird!)  I need to go shopping at least once a month just to keep on going. But shopping isn’t the problem, it’s the ooooh-it’s-so-cute-I-have-to-buy-it 50 dollar over budget shirt that gets me in the end. So how do I keep shopping without going broke? Find out below!

  1. When you enter a store go up to the counter and ask were the clearance items are, don’t look at anything until you’re in the clearance section, this will save you those pricey must-haves that we all hate so much.
  2. Make sure you really love what your going to buy. Don’t make an impulse buy, in order to avoid these check to make sure it fits where it should, so you don’t go home and realize it’s unflattering.
  3. Don’t bring your credit card and leave Mr. Franklin at home, that way it will be hard to extend to the 40 dollar range.

Follow those rules and you will end up with better bargains, better things, and most importantly more money!


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