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How to work out (without even knowing about it!)

Posted on: April 17, 2009

You dont need wieghts to work out!

You don't need weights to work out!

Did you know that most people burn about 2,000 calories a day, doing what? Nothing! Just by breathing, walking, living, you are burning up to 2,000 fricken calories a day! So do you want to make 2,000 into 2,300 just by doing a couple small things a day? Well, duh, the answer’s yes (just in case you didn’t catch on) and you better listen up because I’m about to tell you how!

Firstly, try to fidget. I know when you were a kid your mother always told you (or at least mine did) ‘Sit up straight, and stop fidgeting, it is not very lady-like at all,ect.’ well it turns out that fidgeting can burn up 200 calories a day! So a day’s worth of fidgeting is equal to a small chocolate bar!

Secondly, try not to sit down. It’s this simple: the more you stand, the more you walk, the more you walk, the more calories you burn, the more calories you burn the skinnier you are. Easy as pie.

Thirdly, try to walk as much as you drive, so if you you drive 10 minutes, you walk 10 minutes. If you drive an hour, you walk an hour.

And lastly, try to smile. Muscles are muscles so even smiling can be considerd a work out! So fidget, stand, walk, and smile as much has you can and you might get a pleasant surprise, a couple pounds off the to-do list.


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