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Candy, and Cake, and Goodies, Oh My!(how I survived Easter)

Posted on: April 14, 2009

Deep breaths everbody, deep breaths!

Deep breaths everbody, deep breaths!

Easter is one of the most fattening holidays there is, it’s 24 hours of pure fat-building fun, a war zone with chocolate eggs, peeps, and easter cake as the enemy, and you know you’re going down. My top tip for this fatiday (fat+holiday) is don’t resist all of the Easter candy craze, just some of it. If you say, ‘no, I will not eat one piece of candy’ you’ll end up eating 10 times more then if you had just let yourself eat some in the first place. That’s how I survived. Also if you go overboard and eat say, 700 calories of peeps (trust me we’ve all been there) don’t fast for a day, just remember the next time around how guilty you felt before you eat 1…or 2…0r 5, but no matter how many you eat, weigh the happiness you feel while you eat it, against the guilt you’ll feel after you eat it.

Easter is over now but the tips you just read work for every holiday (remember this on Christmas, yeah, I’m on to you!) so be healthy, be happy, and stock up on peeps while you can!


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