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Lip Gloss or Lipstick, the World Wide Problem

Posted on: April 13, 2009

Classic red lips.

Classic red lips.

The wonderful effects of lip gloss

The wonderful effects of lip gloss

Across the world there are confused people, staring into their purses wondering what to do. They are wondering what they should put on their lips, lipstick or lip gloss? This World Wide phenomenon has finally caught my attention and I’m ready to address it. My answer is (drum roll please!) it depends. For everyday use definitely lip gloss, it’s totally young and chic, plus all that is required to get high shine is one simple swish of the brush. Bottom line lip gloss is good for people on the go but if you want to look fancy leave the Lip gloss at home. If you want to use lipstick you have to be at least 19 and you have to be going to a fancy event or you look over done. If you want to young it down a little bit (making the wearing age 17+) wear bright colars like bright pink or light orange. Bottom line, lipstick is good for formal events, but is more mature than lip gloss.

Best solution, wear both! Do a base coat of lipstick then a top coat of clear lip gloss to get a sophisticated, young, sexy, look that is perfect for school, work, or any event.


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